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They Caught Saddam!!!

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Just got a msg at the club from some friends in the states... they are celebrating in the streets at 7:00am, unfortunately my TV doesn't work in the office, anyone still up and heard anything?


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A reporter asked the military guy doing the press conference if the US will hand Saddam over to Iraqis as promised so they can try him in their own way. Should be interesting - the general said that hadn't been determined yet... :)


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this story will help out when they leave in june and the country is still a fuckin' wreck.
the new army put together by the states just recently disbanded.
"god bless the u.s.a. and no one else"
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The Tesseract

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"Merry Christmas Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair..."

This is the greatest piece of news to come out of the middle east in..... ummm... ever!

The Tesseract

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I dunno about that.
So, they've caught him.
No weapons... no proof.

If he was a great dictator, he would've killed himself already.
(Hitler commited suicide...or at least, supposedly did)

Woah... wasn't that a jaded comment.
I'm sorry if that offended anyone


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I wonder what he has to say!

If I were him I would of been all "what took you so long"

*exhale cigarette*:cool:
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Do you think it could have been one of his doubles?
Saddam was rumored to have up to six men that were trained to look and act like him.
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He's being incredibly co-operative. Guess that's the only thing you can be when a superpower and the nation you ruled over has finally caught up with you.

By the end of the week, we should have an entire breakdown of everything he's done since the U.S. invasion.
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Magnolia Fan

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maybe its just me, but how did he grow that big beard so quickly? I have to shave every day, but it would still take me over 5 months to grow that... Also, why was no one guarding him? I thought he would "never surrender" to the US pigs or whatever. And then he gets captured without any shots being fired...


it may be true, but it all seems a bit conveinent.


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They're probably not going to say all the details.. whatever sounds best to the media by tweaking a little... but main thing is that he is captured.. now go get osama.
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