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there`s a new sherriff in town...and his name is RAOUL!


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well.....just woke up after a absolutely INSANE night (and morning) of losing my shit courtesy of senor RAOUL BELMANS here in QC!

for the few of you who have been down here before (vench, tp, paranoid, lunnen, and a few others) he was playing at Sonar last night, a great little venue.

tapas restaurant by day, lounge/club by night, with a roukghly 150 person capacity during club town. located in a semi-basement just a few steps down from street level, it truly has an underground vibe to it in every sense of the word.

the day started early with a 3 hour drive to montreal to pick him up from the airport, where we were waiting with a sign that read, and i quote Ì even named my cat Raoul!``

two things...

1 - must have made over 300 people laugh as they filtered out througgh the arrivals area....and

2 - TOTALLY broke the ice with Raoul, who cracked up as he saw the sign - ice broken

3 hour drive back to QC, and let me say he is without a doubt one of the smoothest cats i have ever met - outgoing, friendly, down to earth and with a great sense of humour. loads of laughs and some good highway eats during the gas pit stop!

go to the club early to eat first, and already there is a certain buzz in the air - loads of people there early to eat and soak up the atmosphere.

by 10:30 pm there was already well over 100 people in the joint, and you could feel the energy building early. opening set was provided by a local named Michael Young and myself who tag teamed for 2.5 hours until Raoul came on.

by 12:30 it was time for the man of the hour to step up to the decks....and he did not disappoint!

fresh out of WMC, he had LOADS of goodies to drop on us plus all sorts of elements, effects, and vocals lifted from every release on his Aroma imprint.

the man is a MACHINE, always in the mix, non-stop, just straight up JACKIN` it all night long. sincerely, the mixes posted on UGH.net do NO JUSTICE to what this man can throw down live.

the crowd was just eating it up, fists pumping, asses shaking, people hootin`and hollerin` all night long...i have NEVER seen a vibe like that in my 5 plus year is QC (and haven`t experienced anything like that in at least 10 years).

i would say that about 80% of the material he dropped was unreleased, I honestly had no idea what most of it was, though there were a few highlights of things to look out for in the near future on Aroma and a few other labels

some AMAZING new stuff from the Inland Knights scheduled for Drop 47 and 48

a scorching hot new release by HotJizz on Aroma coming down the pipe

some killer tunage from Homewrecker, who apparently is producing 5-6 tracks per week right now that are all so good that Raoul doesn`t know what to choose from

and some Swirl People nastiness to come out soon (keep your eyes peeled for the `I even named by cat Raoul EP`)

the expression lose my shit does not do justice to how wicked the beats were and the party was last night. the moniker `best set i have ever heard` gets tossed around pretty often, but this was without a doubt the finest funky, jackin, and techy house set i have EVER heard.

forget farina, dc, sneak, and dare i say even heather for me right now - the man of the moment is definately Raoul Belmans!

you are all in for a treat in july if someone in Toronto ends up booking him on his canadian tour!

i know i`ll be working HARD to get him out west to vancouver at that time!

ps - this set was recorded, if the recording is decent i`ll try to post it by the end of the week

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post post post the set Michael.

good review. did you introduce him to Quebecs finest?

can't wait for him to make a Toronto appearance.