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there is no escape from bandwidth caps


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Sympatico is soon implementing a new billing system which would restrict regular users to 5GB ul/dl at 1mbps. A more expensive option would be 10GB ul/dl at 3mbps for 69.95$. 80cents charge per every 100mb that exceeded the max. bandwidth.

So if you thought you could escape Rogers reforms by switching to Sympatico - NOS!!!1 Youre fuct!

A sad day for the key F5
Originally posted by echootje
Roger's reforms?!

They're changing thier service contract? Why didn't we get any notice?

Read the fine print on the contract, I'm sure that they can do it with only minimal notice, and my guess is that they've probably already met any other stipulations

From the Ministry of let's hear it for the CRTC and their siding with the companies....in the best interest of the public, of course

Prime Minister Highsteppa


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I read it on the newsgroups that Roger's will be implementing it soon. Same kind of plan that Sympatico but they are supposer to have the unlimited package and not charge by the gig. Every month I must up/down about 25 gigs or more. From movies to shn files, mp3's and I run my own ftp site.
Time to pay the $$$ in Ottawa and get a T1 line.

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is there anyone else out there providing dsl service that has low prices and is stable?? :confused:

i just cant go back to dialup! i refuse to do it! unless it's free of course...