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There is a club in Halifax called the Liquor Dome...


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maximum branding impact.
no confusion factor.

I am wondering if they are dome-shaped...
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maybe they're a chain?

there's a bar in whitecourt AB called the Budget Bar - dollar beers! really sketchy bikers and white trash.


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OK, went there once, and are the memories ever foggy....

But I do remember looking up and there being a domed roof over part of it....or maybe that was an oxygen mask or something? :confused:

What a place though....the only bar where a double cost me $10 and I still drank my face off. Haligonians are the best. :D


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indeed! we may think we're heavy-weights here in southwestern ontario, but they really go the extra distance on the east coast. it's insane! if you ever get a chance to visit the east coat.......DO! it's beautiful..........and there's always lots of beer........and hospitality........and more beer!


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it's actually a fun place...i'm not sure if liquor dome refers to the collective group of pubs or is the actual name...i spent some time there when i was out at dalhousie for coca a few years back...live bands (seen sandbox there before they got big, oh ok relatively big in a one hit sense kind of way), djs & basically a fun place...



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There is an actual dome. Well, more of a half dome. That place can be scary. It's fun to get a good seat and just watch the fights develop. You can see them coming long before the first punch is thrown. Just dont sit near the door. ;)
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Oh man the liquor dome....

i lived in halifax for four years....
the liquor dome is a terrible drunken skanky pickup cheezy club.

yet it was always good for a laugh...

plus bars in halifax served till 4am then so it was REALLY drunk

oh sweet fuzzy memories of university:D:D



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The Liquor Dome in Ottawa used to be named something like "RJ's Boom Boom Saloon."



Though less subtle, I'm not sure "Kool Haus" is any better than "Liquor Dome" in terms of name quality


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Originally posted by AdRiaN

As opposed to what? The Four Seasons in Whitecourt?! :)

well, as opposed to the White Kaps Inn, where it's really, really, bad to be anything other than a certain skin type possessing local. :(
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haha, i went to the liqour dome three years ago. mad fun. too much to drink, and dancing on tables......yeesh.....

halifax is a wicked town, so beautiful.

and jj's on a wed night, $1 drinks!!!!