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Therapy Session Double Disc


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I read recently on www.progressive-sounds.com that Dave Seaman and Phil K are realesing a double disc - based on Seaman's Therapy concept. Though Dave has fallen off my radar - I always respected his sounds and thought he was one of the pioneering Djs that was not afraid to mix up his sound, especially on his earlier Renaissance discs. I even liked the last one.


p.s. Bout time Phil K popped up on a project like this. Anyone heard it?
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i havent heard it, but i just saw on balance today that dave seaman and phil k will be coming to kool haus in april!



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Nope, haven't heard about this either. I always thought that Seaman's live presence never translated well with his comps but the last one was good. Would be interesting to see what this one turns out like.


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Apparently it's been in the works for some time now. The plan is to release several mixes like this with Dave Seaman always being on one of the discs...

I gather he's no longer doing anymore GU's or Renaissance's (as I hear the Seaman haters in the backround cheer).