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*Therapist Farewell Party*


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I haven't posted on this thing in ages but this topic requires some extra effort on my part. Just got home from the party, a little early I know but I have an early day tomorrow. The party none the less was a wicked one, great vibe, and good music - way too hot though! But we bore the brunt without complaint for our friend MIKE. It was great to see all the love and support for this guy.

MIKE, although I only knew you for a short time I got to know your good heart, kind spirit, intelligence and open-mindedness. You truly are an amazing individual and not to mention one kick-A$$ DJ (with an even sweeter A$$ at that) (_)_) << bet you know who this is now!

Well I think that I speak for everyone by saying that you are loved and you will be missed. Good luck with your new ventures in life and remember to always keep in touch.

Your Friend,



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DAMMIT! I wanted to be the first!! Oh well...AWESOME party....way too sweaty, Satori, Twitch, AT-AT amazing (as usual)
and MIKE..what can I say.... Your amazing energy on the decks is something everyone is gunna miss....Thanks for the CD's and check your hotmail after sunday (you'll see)


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i had to leave on account of being too drunk and feeling sick. thanks to nic-twitch for the party though and sorry to mike - catch ya today or tomorrow.


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Oh Matt, when will you learn that alcohol is a thing of the past?

What a party! I arrived to hear the last bit of Mike's (Therapist) set, and the heat was NOT gonna stop me from dancing HAAAARD! Ya ya, it was hot and sweaty in there, SO WHAT?! It's a freikin party, I don't expect it to be fully air-conditioned or anything, so let's just surpass that. Saw a coupe of old and new peeps (you know who you are), thanx to the Nick's for throwing a wicked party... It was fun being a taxi driver!


**greek macedonian, or macedonian greek?**
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sketchy night, sketchy night. I think Ramie from purerave has a nice video clip of me rambling on some pathetic drunken goodbye messgae for Mike. For some reason my mouth seems to get bigger when I drink.

Very hot!

Why did nick have birthday cake smeared all over him? Once in vanilla, and once in choclate, always good for the skin eh bro?

Happy birthday nick!

we'll miss u mike! be sure to bring us back some cracky pics of all the cool brit parties you're gonna hit.

Allie, anna, keith, wojtek and the rest of the tbk: its always a pleasue.

derek go sleepy time now.

Peace & love. D

Temper Tantrum

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Got there around 1 oclock, and almost immediately went back outside, the party seemed mostly to be happening out there anyways! GOOD sets by all the DJ's, couldn't turn around without seeing a familiar face. Or Nick's smeared with cake (The chocolate was for you hun
) , Derek, Anna, Keith, Rich, James, Will, Jay and everyone else my tired brain is forgetting, thanks so much for a phenomenal night!

Mike got a goodbye present for me that AT-AT found amusing! Have a great trip to London cutie, we'll miss yah!

t. tAnTrUm


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TWO FUCKING FRIDAYS IN A ROW??? It's a rhetorical question. Knowing how many friends/fans/dj ho's Mike has, there was no doubt in my mind that this party is going to kick some serious ass. A whole bag of ass. And so it did.

Turns out that the completeness I felt at the barn party last friday can feel even more complete. All you need is a full set close friends on the dancefloor in front of you, dancing their asses off like there's no tomorrow (and in some respects, that would be correct), some cake on the turntables (Otis was aiming for Twitch's head, honest!), plenty of good, moment defining tunes (LAMB's GORECKI IN DA HOUSE!!!!), a room-full of pure emotions and singing people, and a guy that's leaving us so we can all feel blessed when and if he does eventually come back.

Bouncing my ass off to Mike's set despite the sauna-like condtions was easier than ever. Apparently not only for me, as the whole goddamn floor was pumping for the entire 1.5 hours of his sonic insanity. I mean INSANITY!!!! Can I say much more? And if I could, what cliches would I use? Oh, I got one - HAD TO BE THERE!!!!

I mean really, if you were there - you KNOW what i'm talking about. For the rest of you, the recording of the set, complete with cartridge slides, shouts of joy, and everyone and their mothers trying to get on the mic to express their appreciation for Meehow, will be available on-line, sometime within the next few... years (<--- i'm being realistic, hehe)

Plenty of pics and videos coming your way as well I believe. I still got the strobe-like action of many cameras shooting stuck in my head.

Thanks to Satori for playing "It's Hot!", a yet another moment-defining tune, and one of my all time favourites, dating back to '96ah!

Happy Birthday and MANY Thanks to Nick/Twitch for organizing every motherfucking aspect of this party. Teh venue, teh decor, teh flyers, all - great - work! The idea was for it to be his b-day bash, but as soon as I mentioned Mike's approaching departure he selflessly turned it into a THERAPIST FAREWELL PARTY. There is not enough respect in the world to cover that gesture Nick, YOU ARE A WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL PERSON!!!! I know you enjoyed the cake, hehe, and I absolutely loved spinning 'longside the one like TWITCH!!! You my ni..a, and you knows it!

Much respect to everyone that came out and got the place rammed with postive energy, I'm not about to list everone I know, but you were all there, and it was a great pleasure seeing all of yous.

Shouts go out to Highsteppa, props for going ahead with your plan to get ripped beyond walking, and seeing the plan through to completion!

Shouts go out to Allie/TT - sooo, what do Mike's tonsils taste like? I always wanted to try frenching him, but didn't wanna fuck up what we have, hehe... Nice with the "going away present"...

Big smiles go out to Kelly/Turtle, and my new found "biggest fans" - Brad and Nicky, you guys rock! ROK!

If I have any more thoughts later, I'll be sure to share them with you. Right now i gotta rest up for a yet another night of sweaty, out-of-control drinking action. Actually, all of this does not stop until Tuesday, then I fucking retire. And get a job. (Yeah, riiight...)



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by AT-AT:
a full set of close friends </font>
a slight correction there, from your friendly neighbourhood crackhead...


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happy birthday nick and i'ii miss ya mike, i don't know who you are, but i do know you guys throw a kick ass party.
me and a couple of friends left another party early, so thought we would stop by area on the way home. when we saw it fuckin hopping like a frog on crack, we had to stay. had SO much fun. you guys should celebrate something every night.
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by kul-kat:
you guys should celebrate something every night.
hehe, for the past 2-3 weeks, that's almost exactly what we did, hehe... and it was beautiful. SELECTAH!!!


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I was sorta mixed on this one. Way too hot, but free water and allowing us to go in and out as we pleased pretty much negated that.

The atmosphere and the vibe was awesome too, unfortunately it was the music that kinda dissapointed me. Not going to name names, but some sets simply sucked.. in my, oh so humble opinion.

2nd half of Therapist's set was pretty damn amazing, first half, to me, was well.. I dunno. Elixir kicked. Woo. I was so damn tired at that point but I stuck around for most of it before leaving.

All in all it was good though, there is definately something to be said for intimate "19+" trance parties. I wish Purple-Heaven was 19+.


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Where do I begin?

I guess thank you to everybody that contributed to this party in any way even by just coming (you know who you are). It was very nice to see all the familliar faces and meet some new ones. Even tho I was ussually too busy to chill and smoke one...
Special Thanx goes out to Ramie who video taped the night for Mike as a little gift, for bringin' the Sparklers, and for helping out with the setup with Mell. And Keith (Avro) for from bringing the little booklet for us to sign for Meehow
And Anna (no idea if she reads this) but thanx for workin' the door with me/for me and cleaning me off. Thanx to Voytek and Rob for well beeing part of it all, the little speaches (that almost made me weap..) and deeling with de microphone business. And most of all Mike for celebrating the occasion with me.

There was only 2 things wrong with this party, #1 the heat.. When I got there the club was litterally chilly, and even tho the air conditioning was cranked and the 2 fans were going the club was no match for the dancing that was going on in there. #2.. Not beeing able to let Steve (Pharmakon) play the goa set that I was waiting for so long to hear, it would have been the perfect way to end the night but shit happens and the club manager had to get up early the next day so we had to end it.

But the good of the party definately overweighed the bad. And made the night well - HAD TO BE THERE!!!!

I can't wait to see the video and the pictures. This will definately be a party never forgotten, with some wicked and weird memories (Next person that pie's me get's it down there pants!).

For now cheers
twitch &lt;-- starting to organize the next one :]
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I hope you enjoyed your birthday Nick... and the pie... You have made last night very memorable for me and just like Voytek said, that was such a selfless act to share this night with me. I can't thank you enough. Massive respect! You have done a wicked job organizing the entire night and it ran smoothly. The venue, the decor (Bruce Lee theme in full effect), the atmosphere &lt;-- you have brought so many great people and friends together last night - you have made so many people happy! Obviously you know what life is about!!!

Wojtek, Anna, Rob and Adrienne - you guys never dissapoint! You both know how much I cherrish your friendship. Had to be said here, but more to come once I collect my thoughts on the other side of the Atlantic.
Keith and Jess - that book is going wherever I go - that's a promise! That is the best thing you could have given me. Thank you.
Ramie - thanx for all your hard work behind the camera - I still havent located a Digital8 camera, but I know I will!
Anna, Jay and Keith - thanx for shoving three shots of sambuca down my throat and starting me nicely on my way to getting quite smashed (you are responsible for all the 'sneakers in the dryer' effects during some of the mixes)

All mah friends who did come out in full attendance and has been the best support system one can dream of.

most memorable moments:
1. walking into the venue before the party started and just watching it fill up with friends.
2. screaming lyrics to LAMB's Gorecki with AT-AT and Otis (99% sure Otis was there).
3. watching all of you guys dance and smile.
4. getting a rose from... (damn sparks, ouch), I'm sorry luv, I'm an idiot for not registering your name, but believe me I never got a rose from anyone and you have made my night complete.

"most funniest" moments of the night:
1. Otis missing Twitch with a pie, resulting in having a 1/4 of a turntable covered with cream.
2. Temper Tantrum dealing with HEAT in a funny manner

Memories are something noone can take away from you - thank you all for a wicked night. I'm sure Nick and I will remember the night of June 15th of 2001 for a long time... and that's LOOOOONG time!!!

Love, Respect'n'Thanx go out to all in attendance and to the ones who were there in spirit (You know who you are!)

I'll ramble a bit more, jus give me a sec, aight?

JON - my usual response to compliments is 'shaddap'! Aight? (but thanx, it means a lot coming from you

TuRtL[- - what is it? whaaat???

Matt - no worries punk, you made it for a bit, that's all that matters bro, it was good seeing you feel better today.

Derek - I jussst whhhaannnn... ack... daahmmn.. whhhaannntt-tt-ted tooo.. ack... ssss...sssssay.... you were right - last night was the longest we've ever spoken, but hey there will be other opportunities. Btw, you're a fuckin' solid DJ, mate. When I come back your ass will better be playing on regular basis with the rest of my punkasses.

Allie - all the best on your trip gurl, and hey if you got anymore presents swing by London... muahahahaha... j/k

kul-kat - I'm glad you have made it and had a good time

Eidolon - first of all - respect for not mentioning names of DJs whose sets you didn't particularly enjoy (DJ bashing became a quite popular sport and the one where I would disqualify all the competitors). Second of all - I'm glad you have enjoyed the 2nd half of my set, as for the 1st part - you know, I wanted to express myself through the music I played last night, and there is a bit of untamed evil and intensity in me at times
Thanx for sticking around yo!



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it was indeed a great night!

All the music was sweet, especially Mikes set (although I would of liked to hear one track one last time...
. but i did hear it the last time i saw him spin.. so im fine)

Mike, you are forgeting the tequila shots as well....

I didn't even notice that it was hot..
maybe thats why i had to sit down so much....

A lot of cool people representing, met wuite a few new people which is always nice.

All in all, a great party and a great time.

Happy Birthday Nick
Bon Voyage, Bon Chance Mike
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What an amazing night...I had so much fun!

Mike, even though I haven't known you that long, you are a most awesome individual. As for the shots, I don't recall anybody "shoving" them down your throat...tee hee. And if it makes you feel any better, I was feeling them for the rest of the night...and when I woke up the next morning (ouch! why sambuca?) Have a safe trip and best of luck.

It was great seeing so many people again!


*+lady bass+*

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this party was really good!

happy birthday twitch!

thanks for having us play

oh man...I can't believe i missed that Lamb song...one of my favs and i missed it but Big Pimpin was calling.

glad everyone had fun....to bad about the heat thing, but being a raver in the summer, heat is almost a given.



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Friday night was MAGIC.

I got there around 11:00-11:30, after passing right by it and ending up at Bathurst(oh boy). When I finally got there, who else but big boy graham and Twitch were there to greet me!

I personally thought all of the sets were well programmed and executed...much thanks to Otis for playing an old melodic track that I adore(the name escapes me now) and Wojtek and Mike for putting me through the roof!

There were little things that went wrong here and there, and the heat was almost unbearable, but it didn't matter much....Having 30 or so friends to share your joy and pain with, and the music being soo goddamned good, no obstacle was insurmountable!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICK!!! It looked like you had a great time!

I've pretty much said everything i've needed to say to Mike both in person and on here...You're going to be missed my friend...Good luck, and do all of us cracky toronto party kids proud buddy!



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Had a great time and got some good photos! The heat was intense but going outside occasionally was a good chance to relax and chat to your friends at a normal decibel level.

The music was BEAUTIFUL!! I've been dying for a night of music that hard for awhile.

Thanks to Satori for hooking me up with the chance to take pics, those will be in your e-mail tomorrow.
Temper Tantrum - spoke very briefly but good to see you.
MetalM - definitely a pleasure partying with you, got to do so a few more times before you leave.

Left a bit earlier than I had planned (left at 3:00) but definitely not because the party/music was bad.


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quite the night. had fun, saw many, many, familiar faces.

the new introductions (not counting drunkenly meeting at tribe house party)

joey: a face to go with so many tales
galactic phantom: dude, i seriously hope you kept that pic. if you did please post it

phoenix: so nice to meet you (again? cursed alcamahol) it always makes me feel great when random beautiful girls throw their arms around me

malglo: you have been the one of the biggest familiar strangers to me so it was great to finally get confirmation that you are who you are.

great night, sorry i couldn't hang on later.

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