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Theory @ the Guvernment!


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i feel real bad for anyone who didnt attend this..

To hear DnB on that system was a dream. Incredible night!

Big Up everyone involved with putting this one together.

Here are some pics I took...

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Picture is worth a thousand words



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The guvernment playing drum and bass???... how did I miss this?
this would have been a good "different" night to experience there... and yes.. given the pictures that I saw in that link it does look like it was a good party. Not my prefered style of music but it would have been fun for sure... wicked pictures btw.


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my husband went to this.

he's not home yet.

i was assuming that means it was good or he is dead.

according to the first post - i'm going for it was good. he was really looking forward to DNB on that sound system - i'm glad it delivered!

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What a night. I'd have to say that this ranks up there with WODNB as one of my most memorable Toronto parties, I know its one of those nights when I look out at the crowd and get the chills because the room is just VIBING from amazing music, wicked people and something else that just can't really be described!

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hearing d n' b in main room woulda been a real treat for sure

hope everyone rocked out proper :^)

nice pic
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looks like i missed an awesome night

.. i still have absolutely no regrets of that night though :)