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Theorem @ Red Square


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Unfortunately I wasn't able to make it because I was studying for exams... however, I heard that the place was jammin' and that night was pretty sweet and just what "the doctor ordered".

Other than that, I'd love to hear some reviews on the night...... Care to share??
Good night

It was a good night, there was a decent crowd out, a lot of people I remember from Phryl parties two, three years ago. It was fun! The music was pretty solid for the most party, Mateo was good but not great. Overall, I had fun, no complaints.


Got to Red Square at about 11:30, was immediately disappointed to see eco.R1 on the door, as I quickly found out I had missed his set. I was looking forward to hearing what you spin, Craig. I'll keep my eyes peeled for you and check you next time!

Got in with no hassle (as if there would be), dealt with the friendliest coat-check girl in the world, friendly bartenders (Mmmmm.. friendly.. drooool..) and immediately found a couple of peeps (the firecracker SpazGirl (you crack me up, PartyPal!)) I had set out to meet there. Had no energy during the dukes set, but loved the tunes they were dropping last night, some good tweaky shit alongside some bumping techno. I always feel bad when I show up and the dukes are spinning, but it usually takes me a good hour to feel the vibe of any place enough to start dancing, and I hate to look like I'm not into what they're dropping, cuz they know I have the potential to spaz. Meh, anyway, it's not you boys, it's me. ;)

Met up with Kenny, who tried insulting me in a friendly way, one lonely loser to another :p , the beautiful Miss Laura and her knight in shining armour The tommysmalls, Time, derek (sorry for not chatting more, it was just too damn loud), Par-T (the demon dancer), Kim, the sex machine kf and his lovely partner in crime tanya, my latin lover @m shaking it a bit after their set, surprised to see Tearer (those were your hands on my ass, right? I hope I didn't have those beautiful dreams for nothing!), and of course, the man of the hour the stupendous dancing techno robot on fire, fattyp, the fucking non-stop drink holding machine (i swear, every time your drink got down to half way done another one appeared in your hand.. I need friends like that!), the birthday boy to the bone!

Never heard Paul Walker spin before (how the fuck is that possible?), and got into the second half of his set when he started throwing down some squelchy techno and then progressed a little harder to set up Mateo. I really liked the stuff Mateo was spinning. He could have funked it up a little more, but that's my opinion. Some good trippin' hardcore jams were given to the floor, however.

It was funny seeing wasted dudes who didn't know what to make of the music. I remember one point near the end of the dukes set these two business looking dudes going to opposite sides of the small dancefloor and trying to smoove up on a bunch of girls with their slick whitey grine stylez, proceeding to rid the floor of women within about 45 seconds! It was hilarious. It's weird seeing people all e'd out in regular "bar/clubs" too. Not that there were a lot of them, but mingster's new boyfriend was having a great time! All smiles!

MINGSTER! Did I forget to mention you? Fool that I am.. was shocked and wonderfully surprised to find the lovely Miss Mingster at a techno jam. Even though it was near impossible to have a conversation with the level of noise and my fukked up hearing.. sorry to have to make you repeat yourself like 80 times to get each sentence across. Nice to see you shakin' that ass, as they say. Definitely a highlight. :)

Anyway, considering I was ready to just stay home in my pyjamas and slippers, I had a good time, danced a bit, had some laughs and that's really it. Red Square's a pretty decent little club, too.


Holy meandering review.

OH! Also saw alexd briefly, but didn't introduce myself for fear of a punch in the nose.
I had a great time last night - really glad we made the rainy trek in from Hamilton.

My friends also got down to the beats - just wishing it had been a bit funkier. Ah well.

Thanks to Craig for helpin out with the door hookup.

Caught the last 10 minutes of the Dukes, and loved the minimal bleeping I heard - Adam and KF, you guys fucking rule!!

I thought Paul Walker was like a caged animal in the booth. You know he just wanted to run free, but alas, he was settin up Mateo, so he had to keep it somewhat subdued. I loved Paul in his headliner slot when I saw him a few weeks ago...

And Mateo was definitely good, but not nearly as great as I've heard him before. When he has an 8 hour set at Aria, he can work and weave the room like the techno-god he's known as. I think the small nature of last night's event and the what, 2 hour tops set he had just didn't leave much room for explosion.

Agreed with BBB, that coat check girl was as nice as they come. Dude, I didn't grab your ass in the least. It was all about massaging.

Great to see everyone out - I ran into Brandon and Jess right away, I hope you had a great bday night there J-Hi!! Laura absolutely freaked me out in coat check, when she tackled me into the wall before I even realized who was on me - haha. Tommy, how do you handle her??!!

Happy bday as well to FattyPhabrice. Nice to meet you bro. I've come to realize that true techheads can only be bald.

Fun as always to party it up with ParT, Mingster, pr0nstar, alexd, Alchemy, orange richie, Spazzgirl, the watcher and the above mentioned criminals.

The only shitty thing was losing my cell phone in the cab on the ride back to Mike's.

And now a picture!

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what a night !

I arrived at the club... which I had never seen before... it took up a whole corner of a city block (or so it seemed)... and it looked very nice. Craig (eco.R1) was at the door and was very pleasant... he was happy I showed up which right away, put me in a good mood. Craig, you're a good man.. and thank you once again for your help.

The door men were very nice and the girl behind the glass... THE COAT CHECK GIRL (goddammmmmn), the shooter girls, the bartenders... HO-LEE YUMMY TASTEY GOODNESS !

There were beautiful girls EVERYWHERE ! Mingster... I put you at the top of the list. I FINALLY got to meet you... and I must say,I wasn't thinking I'd see you at a techno party, nonetheless... it was nice. YOU'RE SUCH A TECHNO ANIMAL.. LOL.

Tearer.. nice to finally meet you and to put a face to the name, you look like you were having a blast.. good stuff.

Laura & Mr.Smalls... always a pleasure... and I'd STILL like to know why the two of you were laughing... something about me looking like someone... lol... a monkey or something ? lol.

BBB... my man... I can count on you to keep me jamming... we both knew that when Paul Walker played that acid-tech track.. it was on ! Thanks so much for that double rum n' coke... BAH.. that was strooooong... and that's another thing.. THE DRINKS.... they actually tasted proper and not watered down. Good as always to chill with you.

@m.. sorry I wasn't there in time to inspire you to drop that 'Three Amigos' track.. :( ... I'll make sure to catch a complete set soon. promise. Good to see you though.

Pokerface.. nice to meet you .. even though BBB & I suck... LOL... we got into it eventually. Next time I'll get you a drink.

Kenny... nice finally meeting you ... it's good to know that there are some 'originals' out there... and don't worry.. you're not old.. lol. ...just experienced. :) be proud brotha.

Kim.. I only met you for a sec... but it was my pleasure. Nice smile. Very friendly person.

Alexd... you know i gotta say hello... lol...didn't see you take any pictures though. I'm still waiting for a headshot of me with a giant spliff. ;)

.... so yeah... lol... the music was nice... Mateo could've played a bit harder... I asked him to pound me... and he laughed. The vibe was great.. people were sincerely having a good time... no faked vibes... even the "normal" people were having fun.. lol. eh BBB !? ;) The club itself is very nice on the inside and the clientel seemed cool.

If this was something that happened often on a friday.. that would be grrrrrreat.

anyone else who I've forgotten... I apologize.. i just woke up.. and now I have to get ready for my 4:20 celebration.

Everyone... you all made my night great. I was upset to have to leave before it was over. Thanks peeps. y'all are swell.


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Originally posted by Tearer
I thought Paul Walker was like a caged animal in the booth. You know he just wanted to run free, but alas, he was settin up

*LOL* he certainly did have that look on his face everytime he brought a new record in - i thought he might just leap out of the dj booth at any moment!!

bigups to craig for putting on a great show - fun times were had by all! there were tbk everywhere in the house! cheers to tearer, BBB, mingster, the watcher (i was beside you for half the night, and didn't realize it was you !), fattyp, straight up D, derek, les dukes, Pr0n (you're still tbk, right? ;)), par-T, Kim (you lurker you), Time, headwinds, J-Hi (i didn't see you, but happy b-day!!)....and of course, the man himself, Mr.D!

the one thing that was missing from the red square were about 4 bins so that those mid-highs wouldn't get cranked so much - Y'OUCH!

gah, I forgot to say hi to Lee too. Hi PokerFace!

Also cool to meet Danny - Heather and Malia's bud. Definitely has the bacon dance down to a fine art.

Fattyp had the best line of the night...when I asked him if he really smokes weed all the time - "my watch is stuck at 4:20"
grrrrrrrrr...........JOSH i so should have met up with u!!! It sounded like a fun evening! next time i say no, DRAG ME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! :D altho i had a fun night anyways.

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Even the hair.. HA!


..and another startling similarity, Kenny was wearing high-top runners with no pants last night too!
I had a blast from beginning to end. I am so happy that people seem to really understand the need for KISS shirts at techno events.
Paul Walker played a lovely birthday set. He is 54 years old (well maybe a bit less) and has been spinning now for 18 years. Really, 18 years!!!!! I too wish he would have turned up the poundage a bit but I really have no complaints. There were fun people and fun scenes going on all night.
Interesting club with a very nice friendly staff and crackin people all around.

And it is good to get to talk to guys like the Dukes and know that you need to ever have to go through the being nice to a person becuase you just met them scene...you get to skip right through to talking shit with guys like them. Much appreciated....see you at GWAR.

Rocking time Craig and Greta (though what the fuck is with getting a person a Bud...I mean do people really want one of those????).

Oh...and Mateo got me on the dancefloor until I left and that is rockin!

It was a good night.

Nice to go to a different place for a change, the same old clubs tend to get tiresome after the billionth visit.
Red Square has a nice set up, just wish the dance floor was a bit bigger.
Caught the last half hour of the Dukes, excellent as always, so it didn't take too much time for me to find a groove.
Paul Walker is always great for letting loose with the banging tracks, always a treat everytime I but in the warm-up position I felt he was too restrained (as it seems others felt the same). Let the man free!
Mateo was good, brought the intensity up a level or 2 and had the crowd going, lovin' every beat.
Wish I could have been more energetic like I wanted but it was too hot and I wore the wrong shoes.

Nice to see everyone out and to meet Eco.r1 even if it was only 30 sec. in what there was of a line.
Originally posted by BigBadBaldy
Too bad it was a KISS Alive III shirt. :p


KISS purist.. or is that Rock Kitsch purist? The JD has fogged my brain.

My Gene Simmons shirt that is way cooler does not fit that well anymore :(
but I still think that Revenge is the forgotten album now that the makeup is on.

But that is not important right now. The real importance is the fact that their JD is damned tasty because it sure feels like Red Square is not afraid to make their drinks a little short.

Apparently Craig has hurt his back somehow today....damned techno injuring his spine.
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What fun!

I'm glad I decided to check it out. I was dissapointed that no one was at Mad Bar, until I found out the Red Square was just across the street....

Missed the Dukes. Booooo. Caught some other DJs. Please excuse that I don't know who they were. I'm only just getting started with the whole techno thing. ;)

Nice to finally meet FattyP. Happy birthday! You're nice. :) To party with BBB. You're nice too. :) Par-T, the man can dance! Pr0n, you didn't run away from me this time, Poker Face, Tearer, thanks for the compliment. AlexD, the Watcher, The Dukes...and I know I'm forgetting people, I hate doing this.

I like the venue. Except it was a bit hot. I don't think I'll ever understand the lack of proper ventilation in clubs. Oh well.

Originally posted by Bobby Thrust
Apparently Craig has hurt his back somehow today....damned techno injuring his spine.

fuck yea. just got back from the hospital. you know, CT scans are kinda weird. i still feel a bit wonky.........the double shot of tylenol 3 they gave me is fucking with my head too. i'm usually against pain killers, but i can't walk right now. the best i can do is shuffle. it's funny how one's perception of distance changes relative to the speed at which they can move. i never thought walking down to queen street from the st. michael's emerge could seem so far. it's less than a block, but seemed like ten! oh well. me and this old dude (moving at roughly the same speed) had a good laugh about it.

thank you everyone for making theorem v1.0 a success. being an all techno event without an international headliner, we really had no idea what to expect. but it worked! we (as in YOU, greta walker, and myself) did it. and because of this, there will be more.

anyways, i'll write more in a bit when my head clears from all this codeine..........
just remembered..
Mateo is at the Confort Zone tonight, pretty sure he's on at 11pm. meh, maybe I'll go get sum drinks!
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Originally posted by tommysmalls

the watcher (i was beside you for half the night, and didn't realize it was you

I did not know who you were either, but now we know, and we'll talk next time.

That's so sweet, picture of me on Tribe, what will come next?

Meeting Tribers is fun... I think it's my new passtime. You all Rock!

-Nickers -
Originally posted by BigBadBaldy
LEE! You! I! Forgot!


You get your own post, big boy! :p


I had a good night from what I remember. I was a little Hammered from the Beer I had at Element before I got there. It was nice to see all the crew there and to hear some nice techno again.

Werd to anyone I made an ass out of myself that night and didnt think I am a freak! :D

Craig good party and I hope to see more!
Well I had a great time - I was so bagged saturday. I finally saw eco.R1 - great start to my night! Then the dukes kicked it - lovin it!! I saw Paul Walker last year - but he was much better this time - harder, & Mateo -I couldn't stop dancing! Nice to see ya - BBB, @m, kf, Tanya, Time, Par-T, Poker Face, Simon, Louisa, Cori, Craig, Roy, Rich, PrOn, - & nice to meet ya Tearer. If I forgot anyone - give me a good swift kick in the ass next time ya see me.
I even snuck over to madbar to catch DJ Alchemy & Orange Ritchie-yay!! well ta ta for now.

Ok you can kick me Derek - always a pleasure to see ya!! Hope to see ya at Thomas Krome thursday if you don't work - thanks for the CD btw!!

wicked night! wicked tunes! wicked people! Grey Goose Vodka.....wicked!!(but pricey) I had a blast. Can't wait till Thursday.

Craig; thanks man and hope you're back's feeling better.

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