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The Young Punx - Got Your Number Remixes


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Just got this one in the mail and it's SUCH a corker!

Remixes by Transformer Man, Vigi, The YOung Punx, and this new dude who totally owns called Max Headroom. It'sa remix of those silly 118 'got your number' ads in the UK and it's very silly and awesome, but the tunes are so sick you dn't have to get the joke to like them. I am going to cain the SHIT out of this one :D Especially the Max Headroom mix, a wicked first release for him, holy FAKK!
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Angus Robinson

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yeah, I'm with you on that one jason... I think they all could have done a little better job though. I was expecting a bit more from vigi on this... but I'll still play it. It's a party tune, for sure!
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