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The York School Board Fiasco

Bernnie Federko

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York trustees tell education director to step down after blistering report
“We have met deadline” for first of 22 tasks set out by Education Minister Mitzie Hunter, board says
Education minister comments on York Region District School Board report

Ontario Education Minister Mitzie Hunter comments on a report into the York Region District School Board at a news conference held on April 11.( BROADCAST AND RECORDING SERVICE LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY OF ONTARIO)
By NOOR JAVEDNews reporter
KRISTIN RUSHOWYQueen's Park Bureau
Thu., April 13, 2
The day after a scathing report detailed the dysfunction, “culture of fear” and a lack of leadership at the York Region public school board, trustees went beyond what was asked of them by the education minister and told embattled director J. Philip Parappally to step down, sources told the Star.

At a special board meeting Wednesday night, trustees said they had already met the first deadline put forward in a letter from Education Minister Mitzie Hunter outlining her 22 directives, and were making progress on many others.

Board chair Loralea Carruthers opened the meeting with strong words, and an apology.

“I’m so sorry, so very sorry that so many of you have been hurt so deeply and I’m sorry that our staff . . . have been hurt, too. And I’m so sorry that our kids, in particular have been exposed to the worst in people instead of the best,” she said. “I am sorry, and my colleagues are sorry. I apologize.”

“What will happen next is action, not empty words. And it won’t be action behind closed doors either,” Carruthers said.

“So starting tonight I can say all of the trustees are on the same page, we are united and working on a clean path forward,” she said, adding they will do the “right thing.”

J. Philip Parappally, director of education at the York Region District School Board, was criticized in an education ministry report which found he fostered a climate of mistrust at the board. (COLE BURSTON / FOR TORONTO STAR)

York trustees, director lacking in ‘strong, ethical leadership,’ reviewers find