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The world's most expensive substances?


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# 16 - Saffron - $11/gram

# 15 - Gold - $56/gram

# 14 - Rhodium - $58/gram

# 13 - Platinum - $60/gram

#12 - Methamphetamine - $100/gram

#11 - Rhino Horn - $110/gram

#10 - Heroin - $130/gram

#09 - Cocaine - $215/gram

#08 - LSD *Lysergic Acid Diethylamide* - $3,000/gram

#07 - Plutonium - $4,000/gram

#06 - Painite - $9,000/gram

#05 - Taaffeite Stone - ~ $20,000/gram

#04 - Tritium - $30,000/gram

#03 - Diamonds - $55,000/gram

#02 - Californium 252 - $27 million/gram

#01 - Antimatter - $6,25 trillion/gram

Well that does it, f I ever get engaged I will get her an antimatter engagement ring!
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Sal De Ban

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i noticed that uranium is pennies compared to the cost of plutonium. Now that i've googled this information, I'm sure that I've been flagged somewhere.
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glych t.anomaly

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LSD in rock crystal form before its basically mixed with a liquid agent to decrease the concentration QUITE A LOT, is generally how its purchased for quantity.

im pretty sure a gram of the dried crystal would easily do a book ( 1000 tabs ) as i beleive .1 of a gram does 100 at around 100 micrograms per blotter.

So 1000 tabs at 3/per is easily 3000$ /gram.

and 3/per for good stuff, is CHEAP,

if they made it 200mg/per blotter or cube then you would double the amount needed, which would drive up the cost of the book, the shit aint cheap.
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Klubmasta Will

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they are also probably estimating street price for 100% pure, not the stepped on 40-60% stuff. you can't be taking into account filler if you're comparing that shit to anti-matter!
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