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The world HAS come to an end!! Ferry SHOWS!!!


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The signs are all coming together!! First the swarms of insects downtown, then the attacks on a military symbol and our commerce structure. A botched attempt at taking out the symbol of government. Now this.


I'll tell you, surprises don't even exist any more. Nothing can top this. For all those that made it, he played great and showed a lot of the energy that his Dutchness is known for. At one point the dj booth lit up and he stood aside of the turntables and started gyrating to the beat. The crowd went wild!! Reminded me a little of Tiesto, without the style.

Lo and behold though, the one who stole the show was none other than our own Mark Oliver. Wow!! He must have pulled out his classic record box because aside from the amazing new shit he was playing he threw down some serious classics. They made me put my fists in the air and jump and shout. Took me back to the heydays when Trance's emotional peak would almost make you cry.

All in all an amazing night, even the crowd was decent. One point for Guv for this night. And with regards to Ferry, 1 out of 3 ain't bad!! Way to go man, represent!!




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Yes folks thats right, he did show!

Great night, I spent the whole night dancing on the speakers and it was awsome (big ups san antonio spurs!)

He played

System F - Out of the Blue
Chakara - Love Shines Through
System F - Solstice
Ferry corsten - Barbers strings of adagio

just a good set, I've been meaning to see this guy for a long time and he finally showed. Good night, if anyone remembers the dude in the Spurs jersey raise ya triggah finger! =P