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The Wonderful Casualty


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A Japanese lady was driving me downtown Kitchener to my home, also in downtown Kitchener. I opened the window, stuck out my head, and said something along the lines of:

me> "Hey! Hot guy! Get in the car!"

The Japanese lady was, naturally and obviously, humiliated, but I was drunk so I really didn't care. I wouldn't have cared were I sober, but I use drunk as an excuse. We had come from a heavily priced restaurant and, though we aren't dating, presumably because I'm homosexual, I nonetheless paid the bill. Chivalry et cetera.

However this beautiful young gentleman did take up notice and I forced the car to a stop. He embarked. Let's call him "Tommy"*

So fast forward to my bedroom a couple hours later. The Japanese lady had left.

In order to touch noses in bed, without the use of pillows, both people need to have approximately the same breadth of shoulders. This is why, despite all my attempts, I have never been able to look eye to eye with female bed companions.

But in this case, our noses touched while I ran my fingers through his hair.

me> AHA! I thought.

All the time I had thick brown hair I tried to bleach it white. Now I have thin grey hair and the best I can do is to get Tommy in my bed and touch yesterday.

me> "Do you know how beautiful you are?"
Tommy> "What do you mean?"
me> "Yeah... what do I mean...."

*real name
Stop Bill C-10


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I put this out here, not just for curiosity, but to get some feedback, as to how you physically relate to random people.

Please share!



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Randoms on the street? Unless they are in trouble(and not panhandling with the same ole story)...Ignore and keep truckin'.

Randoms in the pub? Strike up a convo and have a good time shooting the shit.

I come home to my lady, though. No goin home with randoms since my early 20s.