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The wikked weather, shitty downtown traffic saturday thread!


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The title pretty much sums it up, lol...gonna be bright, warm and sunny all day long, but count on downtown traffic headaches with the gardiner closed, etc...

Really glad I stayed in last night, feel so refreshed after a busy week...I was out by 11:30, lol. Gettin' ready to head downtown for work, which should wrapup for about 3:30ish, then I have the rest of the day to get into all sorts of trouble...wikked...more playoff hockey, then pre-drinkin' before headin' over to Sonic later on tonight...woooooo.
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Mrs. Pink

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i stayed in last night too...got my first pre-season baseball game today, want to be well rested for it....

as for the rest of the day.....
band practice....off to the hammer to drop it with the dukes, then shoot back if i can for some JT Donaldson action.......

hopefully it stays nice out....i'd like to get some sun today while playing ball.
Doing laundry before everyone in my building decides to use the machines. I like being able to use all the dryers.
The church across the street has their semi-annual rummage sale today. I love going and buying old board games and picking up lego if they have any. Last time there were tons of knitting needles and wool. Maybe this time... dunno. But I think I will go get a latte first after the laundry is done and wait in the rummage sale line. Fun! Usually it rains for the spring sale.
How bad is the traffic? Should I not travel around the city? (I know I know the Gardiner is closed... what else?)


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Stayed in last night. On my way to work right now. Will probably stay in again tonight too to brush up on my french for some government testing I have on Monday. I don't want to kill any brain cells before that...


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And people want to tear down the Gardiner! They should try getting around today,and if they think Sat/Sunday will be better than Mon-Friday.....
Heads need to be examined!
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So happy it's nice out. I finally feel myself again after a couple days of recovery from stress and overworking.
I'm cleaning up my papers and stuffs all day and then visiting my girls. :)


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Im with the Tobster on this one, glad I stayed in and got some zz's even though I found myself awake at 8am, thank god for hour long Sportscenter. Off to the saug, go for a long walk with the moms, probably do some shopping


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i totally failed at not going out and getting drunk last night, but that's ok. i had a lovely walk through kensington this morning - that place is hilarious at 8.30 am.
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I went to take a nap at 7 last night and woke up now. I missed all the fun!! I fucking suck but I guess I needed the sleep.

Today will probably involve a lot of reading, coffee, a computer tutorial, cleaning my car and purging my closet.


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I stayed at my friends place last night and her jackass neighbours who think that are the greatest bedroom band ever WERE PLAYING UNTIL 5 mutherfucking AM!!! Other neighbours were coming out and yelling at them but they just played louder. Cops were called but they never showed up.
I'm going to crack some skulls if they do this tonight.

FUCKING JACKASSES!!!! I'm in a horrible mood right now, I gotta go home and pack and study and then go for dinner...


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^^ hey, kinda like what the last three weeks were like with my neighbour cranking his system and playing records from 3am onwards. I almost killed someone last weekend. It REALLY sucks when your sleep is disrupted like that - you suffer for the next day or two, easily. :(

On another note, woke up early (toooo early - 6:20 - GROSS!) at my parents' place this morning. Went to have mes cheveux highlighted, then battled the traffic coming back into the city (thank goodness for leaving extra time, and for some solid tunes to pass the time and maintain a sense of calm.)

Off in an hour to a Flirty Girl Fitness class with my best girl - whee!


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Lovely day outside. Heading to Trinity Bellwoods with the pup.. a little shopping on Queen west. Then up to Holts for some major damage. Today is great shopping weather!


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I have been super productive in the past 3.5 hours: 2 loads of laundry washed, dried, and folded; made a smoothie for breakfast; made chopped eggs, cucumber salad, and guacamole; dusted and swept my whole apartment; sorted through my junk drawer; threw out all the rotting science experiments in my fridge.

Now I still have to get groceries, but in the meantime I need some slack time. It's always so much nicer to walk to the grocery store with the sun shining :)
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yah saturdays!!
had a long and lazy sleep in the morning WITH OUR KITTIES!!! they've been at my parents for three weeks while our condo was on the market but now they are home and its awesome!

huge brunch, coffee, and the newspaper has been consumed. now we are doing a bit of cleaning and then heading out to trinity bellwoods for some ultimate in a bit.



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well, I wasn't home all night, but after meeting up with a little lady I haven't seen in months and devouring a shit load of Sushi I made my way home early and have found myself at work today.

No complaints though. Time & a half ain't so bad.

Gorgeous day.
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*rubs eyes*
It's 1:30pm? whoops.

Going to Long and McQuade shortly to pick up my CDJ800, then no plans for the rest of the day...more sleep probably.
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