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The what did you give for Christmas thread


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4 days of my time, painting my mother's bedroom the darkest red you've ever seen (by her request). It took 8 coats to seal the deal. :)


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mama et papa ~ the best chocolate (made in Vancouver), Okanagan wine, gc
to the KEG, flower seeds

niece ~ sparrow earrings that match mine, flower seeds, book

nephew ~ transformers, spiderman cars

bro & sister-in-law ~ okanagan wine

bro ~ Slash's autobiography

the boy ~ tickets to a show, the VICE guide to travel dvd, a heart
fridge magnet, cute card....actually these are his bday presents..
still working on his xmas surprise ;)

and little things for various friends... homemade cards, chocolates and wine from vancouver, bc bud!
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le bricoleur

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mom - copy of the oxford encyclopedia of rhetoric (sounds gay but she wrote the entry on religion) & a manicure set from Sephora. i also troubleshot her computer today, which is gift for everone because now we don't have to hear about it.

dad - bunch of books

sister - bunch of books

sister's husband - books

their little girl - squid & fish train set (http://brio.knex.com/customer/product.php?productid=16864)

girl friend - alessi stove-top espresso perculator, a milk frother and some illy espresso

girl friend's family - everyone got books


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Mom & Dad - 4 photos I took up at the cottage blown up and framed

Nana & Papa - 2 photos I took in the Glebe blown up and framed

Both Aunts - Photos I took from the Glebe and in my one Aunt's backyard, again, blown up and framed.

Brother - Tickets and trainfare to come see the FooFighters with me in Ottawa.

wayne bradbury

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Dad - new PC to replace the aging P3

Mom - HDD recorder to replace aging VCR

Sister - heavy metal stuff, a few books

Sisterès fiance- 12 year old Glenfiddich

Aunt and cousin - Godiva truffles
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DAD-19' widescreen LCD because his eyes are le fucked

MOM-19' LCD/TV for her bedroom

SIS-set of tefal pots & pan

ME- 360 and a badass new winter coat from Bedo:)

I iz happy yo!


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Sage ~ Fossil Watch, Mexx Sweater, Socks
Mom ~ Jacob Sweater, RW & Co. Sweater, (we lost her Froosh :/ )
Big B ~ 40 oz of Rye
Sage's Ma ~ Froosh, PJ's

thats just the tip.

Beer babe

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I asked for nothing and gave barely anything. i gave my best friend's parents a few gifts, but outside of that nothing. My idea of a gift is getting to spend time with people i love.

i intend to reinforce that next year.


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Oh yea, I forgot the best thing we gave...

It converts from a rocker to a walker to a trike and it's a BIG hit so far.


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Gifts for Nephews:

* lol, my fav = the leapster was PUMPED about MORE videogames.

*imaginext dinosaurs and zoo animals: favorite = moving allosaurus
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Gifts for Nieces and Nephew:

* Light Sketcher = BIG HIT!!

*avid webkinz collector = extremely excited about webkinz acqusition

* ok, so anthing with Dora is a hit


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wife - shoes (really nice ones)

dad - blue planet dvd

we do the kris kringle thing in our family where you just by one gift for one other person (guideline is try not to go over $50). so outside of my wife and i exchanging gifts, we just need to buy of one other person. sweet deal imo.


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parents ~ garden statue, tickets to see Blue Rodeo with me
brother ~ reebok redwings jersey
boyfriend ~ zoom recorder, blue jays jersey
grammas ~ mugs and candles from unicef
boyfriends parents ~ various cool items including books


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LeoGirl said:
Oh yea, I forgot the best thing we gave...

It converts from a rocker to a walker to a trike and it's a BIG hit so far.
This should be hooked up to a power a generator. ;)
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