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The West Hotel in Thunder Bay


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A friend of mine was topping up his education in Thunder Bay.

me> "Why THUNDER BAY?"

Never got an answer, never pushed it. Thunder Bay is Thunder Bay.

It was quite a long drive actually. The roads are good. The lazier of our friends took an airplane. So we met him at the airport bar. I can't tell you his real name, but let's call him "Tum".

me> "Dude what took so long?"
Tum> "Well it's a small plane, it's on time."
Trev0r> "We've been drinking here for five hours!"
It was 4pm. Bright sunny day. No thunder in sight.

The reason we were there early was because Tore-Jan the Norwegian withdrew $1000CAD the night before and blew it all on strippers, cocaine, tequila, and cabs. He was long gone by 4pm but we were starting to feel edgy.

Tum> "So let's see what this city is about!"

So I did a quick Jaegermeister and we all jumped into a cab and I asked Trev0r,

me> "What is the sketchiest place in Thunder Bay?"

He kind of moved his head the way an Indian says "maybe", you know, the head wobble.

Trev0r> "I think we should go home (Trev0r's home) and drop of Tum's stuff first."

You know those laneways? Those little dirt roads that go between houses? We ended up driving down those, and it was littered with Listerine bottles, on both sides.

me> "Yo Trev, what's with all these mouthwash bottles?"
Treb0r> "That's what the bums drink. I think they sleep there because it's quiet."

So we got to Trev0r's house and he did some stuff, set up Tum in his room, I found a drill and tried to open an absess in my tooth, but that's another story. It left my mouth bleeding quite profusely. So I gave up on self dentistry and asked

me> "HEY! It's been an hour and I need a drink!"

I'm not sure if there are cabs in Thunder Bay but we walked to Simpson St. to the West Hotel.

Well, dear readers, this is not a Hotel in any sense that I know. Maybe in the gold rush, I'd post the pic of it had my cards not been burned.

So the three of us walk in, Me, Trev0r, Tum, and sit down.

The barkeep was Asian. Couldn't really tell which part of Asia, at first. But he asked twice

Barkeep> "What do you drink?
Tum> "What's you're name?"
Pham> "My name is Pham. What do you drink."

So I figured he was Viet. What the hell is a Viet doing at the sketchiest bar in Thunder Bay?

Tum> "I'll have a shot of CC and a Canadian."
Trev0r?> "I'll just have a rum and coke."
me> "Hey Pham, do you have any mint listerine?"
Pham> "Huh?"
me> "Do you have Bailey's and listerine?"
Pham> "You want listerine?"
me> "Is it mint flavoured?"
Pham> "Yeah we have listerine but...."
me> "Ok I'll take four shots of listerine and baileys."

Tum and Trev0r looked at me strangely. The fourth person was breathing down my neck.

So Pham brought us the shots and we all klinked our glasses and downed the hatch. Tasted quite good actually, Creamy, minty, I guess it's more of a Christmas drink.

me> "Yeah dude I call this drink the OJIBWAY WARRIOR!"

So I settled into my seat and the guy to my right started banging on my shouolder,

guy> "I don't like white people."



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Ah, It burned down.