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the weekend


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What's everyone up to?

Tonight - gym
Thursday - dinner @ Chiado for Mark's dad's 60th, then Sonic pre-launch to see what the hype is about
Friday - disco nap then Laurent Garnier @ TIL
Saturday - sleep in late, enjoy my last Saturday with no class of some kind, then tempo @ the drake
Sunday - gym appointment and usual sunday chillin.
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Tonight - Puma Sample Sale, then the gym.

Tomorrow - The premiere of 'Stick It' OMG I am so excited.

Friday - Probably not a whole lot (other than the gym) as I have to wake up early on

Saturday - Herding goddamn children around all day at Queensway Cinemas for the Film Festival, then maybe Seba in the evening if I'm not feeling too stabzhausted.

Sunday - Film Festival party at le Drake.


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probably drop by JT Donaldson at footwork on sat otherwise spend some time in the sunshine!!!
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I don't want to go out at all this weekend. I think I'll clean my room, car, purge closet and watch some movies. Must save energy and money for NYC.


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Thursday - Dinner at Chiada for my dad's 60th birthday, then Sonic for the pre-launch jam
Friday - gym, cleaning, blockbuster
Saturday - gym, taking part in a rugby clinic for highschool kids, then possibly an exhibition game in the late afternoon, more blockbuster in the pm
Sunday - r&r

Booty Bits

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today through monday - new york city!
throw in some chilling with my boyfriend, celebrating his belated birthday, going to a couple galleries, eating good food, going to Tao, going to Pacha for Jeff Mills, sitting in Washington Square Park, and catching up with old friends and it ought to be a pretty wicked weekend.
:D = excited little booty bits!!!


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have fun Liz!

tomorrow - final drinks with a few workmates that couldn't make it out to my going away party
Friday - start looking for a job
Saturday - continue looking for a job
Sunday - dinner with Dad.



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Today: Fly to Amsterdam!
Tomorrow: Land in Amsterdam, drive down to our new apartment in Eindhoven, get settled in
Friday: Register with the police and apply for my residence permit at city hall

Friday night is Koninginnenacht (Queen's Night) and Saturday is Koninginnedag (Queen's Day) so there are tons of different stages set up in the city, lots of techno and other good music, so I'm sure I'll be going out at some point :D I think my friend Tim might come down from 's-Hertogenbosch on Friday and stay over.

All day Saturday/Sunday Wouter's with the ambulance at the racetrack in Zolder (Belgium), so I might go along on Sunday, and I think either Saturday or Sunday night we're supposed to do something with his friends, too.

Therefore, Monday = sleep!

One stage for Koninginnenacht/dag last year in Eindhoven:

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this is a BIG one for me..

tonight ~ going for dinner and drinks all night with various friends
thurs ~ read above
fri ~ going away bbq in sauga.. gotta reprezent!
sat ~ flying away on a jet plane at 11am and then arriving in Van for 1:20 (420 toronto time :p) visiting some friends, then its off to sushi dinner at Tojo's with the new roomie followed by bday & 'holy fack im in bc' celebrations!
sunday ~ ride a real mountain and pray i dont kill myself


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Thursday - sonic media opening.. and hotel
Friday - Laurent Garnier @ London
Saturday - Gallery
Sunday - Nothing


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Tonight: Laundry, apartment cleaning and ANTM
Tomorrow: Dinner with friends and possibly Hotel (if rubber arm is twisted enough)
Friday: Laurent Garnier at TIL
Saturday: Chillax
Sunday: Double chillax


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Thurs - Sonic pre-launch
Fri - Sluttin it up with a gal pal of mine
Sat day - Dennis Lee event at Mabel's Fables
Sat night - Footwork
Sun - relax and recoup i hope
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I'm sooooo excited!!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Thurs: 1pm flight to CALIFORNIA, then get re-aquainted with an good friend, DRINK!!

Fri: shopping!!!!!!, lay by the pool, pick up more friends from Airport, DRINK!!

Sat- Sun: COACHELLA!!!!!!!!!!!, PARTY!!

Mon: recover by laying by the pool, DRINK!!!

Tues: leaving for Toronto (boo!)


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kmac said:
I don't want to go out at all this weekend. I think I'll clean my room, car, purge closet and watch some movies. Must save energy and money for NYC.
when are you going there? with whom?


this weekend...nadda. takin' it easy too. must prepare for my trip back home next week.
it's Independent Workers day here on Mon as well. the hubby has warned me of the chaos that shall ensue. buncha fighty, stabby swiss peeps who want more money.

I'm staying away from the city.


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Flashy_McFlash said:
Tonight - Puma Sample Sale, then the gym.

Oh crap i almost forgot about this. This is just around the corner from me. I should go now while most ppl are at work...school...


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tonite: maybe drinks, but probably nuthin
tomorrow: nothing
friday: nothing
Saturday: probably going to look at place to move for June-ish
Sunday: Sopranos


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Why are people posting about tonight? This might as well be the "whole week" thread so the two remaining days don't get neglected!

Thursday - co-worker's goodbye
Friday - probably nothing, maybe bowling
Saturday - Wonderland, if it doesn't rain
Sunday - sleep

I hope to fit in Hot Docs but schedule is still up in the air.
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Thursday: Write my last exam for the year, probably get drunk
Friday: Sushi date followed by partying my face/pants off
Saturday: Talks of going golfing
Sunday: work


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thursday - possibly NFB film on icelandic music
friday - dinner at julie's and a sendoff for a dear friend :(
saturday - maybe a matinee of stick it? get new wallet. karaoke!
sunday - yoga if i can muster the motivation, then hot docs


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Thurs - Sonic Pre launch
Fri - Drinking
Sat - Not sure - but maybe sme drinking at FW
Sun - Not sure maybe some drinking...

;) ;) :D :D
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