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ThE wEeKeNd ThReAd!

poker face

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What is going on this weekend!

I am not really sure what I am up to but I would like to see what everyone else is!


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Since I'm done school for the summer starting this weekend, I'm going to get nicely toasted. It's 4:20 as well!


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tonight - watch the game, then turbo for thomas krome.
friday - leave work at 3, drive up to bruce penninsula national park to camp, party and fish
sat - more camping, partying and fishing - 420 DAY!
sun - recover and crawl home to rest.
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friday - just found out that my friend is bringing me to the chemical brothers show. then flyering after that.

saturday - spending som quality time with a certain someone.

sunday - nothing then work at night


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Tonite...Thomas Crome with a certain individual who hast finished her exams

Fri...long walk by the lake
Sat- ?

Love my 4 day weekends.


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Friday night early B-Day present-Chemical Brothers/Oakenfold

Saturday, taking it easy around town, maybe house party-thanks John will let you know.

Sunday, maybe some beach V-Ball at T-Dot Beaches, or just walking about the board walk.
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friday, chill at a lounge for some drinks.
saturday, family from chicago is coming down, and celebrate 420 with family that burns.
sunday, same as saturday.



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Tonight ~ Leafs and then serious ass-shaking at Turbo for Krome/Gow/Glasgow/tEkKiD/Martin/the Elvis Twins(the dukes)
Friday ~ Dinner with friends
Saturday ~ daddyiwantchocolate is taking me to the Leafs game! :D
Sunday ~ Plans with a special friend.


That is all.


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Laugh at me ...

Friday ... its my birthday so Element for a good stomp & a great opportunity to laugh at me rather than with me!

Saturday - recover .. recover .. recover

<wishing that it was Friday already>


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in no particular order...

watch the leafs start their conquest for lord stanley...study for my HR exam...a little shindig on saturday which should be fun ala steamwhistle...



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tonite...dinner and the leafs game!! then milanos for a whole lotta breaks and a huge pints! :D

friday...bbq then?

saturday ....great uncles funeral:( then some shopping
saturday nite ...house party then 420 breaks party!! yippee!!
sunday....damn special day with the one i love;)

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friday - jazzy jeff @ revolution
saturday - 420 housewarming party (tbkers invited...i can give out directions)
sunday - cleaning the house from said party


poker face

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I have some plans intact

Friday: Element Probably

Saturday: not sure yet?

Sunday: Spinning a down tempo deep house set at a promise event.
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Smoking a joint in QP for 4/20, then coming back inside and doing postmodern art readings all day. Repeat ad infinitum until the 24th or so.



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tonight - watch Leaf game, work in studio
Friday - stay in and pack
Saturday - BOO 6 in New York City and then off to get hideously drunk somewhere
Sunday - recovery of the previous nights events and chillin' in NYC


Adam Duke

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tonight - Mr. Krome at Turbo.....YEEEHAW!
Friday - haus paahr-tay, followed by not feeling my legs
Saturday - celebrate 4/20 in an appropriate manner
Sunday - suggestions?



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Thursday - enjoying my day off (school is over for me, whoohoo!), dinner with old friends, then going to Nelly Furtado.
Friday - calling in sick to work, Garbage at the Kool Haus, Element for the lovely Lindsay's b-day bash.
Saturday - NOTHING, thank God.
Sunday - working and some of my own darkroom work till 9, then maybe Black Bull to infiltrate the Tribe estrogen table.
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