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The Weekend Thread


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Yes guy, I get to start one I think.

Tonight - nap after work. maybe smelement.
Thurs - LOTR,
Fri - Raptors vs. the Knicks.
Saturday - Snoop Dogg in concert! Then, pre-drink for the Industry Reunion. Then...Industry Reunion at the KH.

Sunday - After party! Then smoke and watch Cincy play St. Louis. Then maybe check out the Magic at the ACC if I'm still standing and have a voice left to shout at McGrady.

It's going to be a big weekend. Looking forward to it.
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Littlest Hobo

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Tonight - Matrix Reloaded on the IMAX (I haven't seen it yet).
Tommorrow - Nothing
Friday - Dinner Party
Sat - Blue Mountain
Sun - Blue Mountain


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my weekend starts tonight!

1. TONIGHT - element - get really drunk - coz WE'RE GOING STREAKING!
2. thursday - still up from partying at element
3. friday - sleep
4. saturday - sassy and i are going to pre-party for saturday night
5. saturday - sunday - monday etc.....party and recover


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Fri - deep is being kind enough to format my computer. drunkeness will ensue, people will come over and help us out and then off to system

Sat - gym then work then christmas party

Sun - sleep, yoga and then off to Guelph for the night for a friends birthday houseparty.
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Wed: Office party at Bamboo
Thurs: Wrapping gifts
Fri: Partying with the Iggstar @ Surface, start of my two-week vacation
Sat, Sun: Chilling.
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tonight - dog walk, home, eat, sleep :)
Thursday - LOTR !!!
Friday - Work Xmas Party ( also start of 2 week vacation)
Saturday - dog walk, xmas shopping, not sure what else
Sunday - chill as usual


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Friday: work, then headin' up north to Collingwood, spending the evening with my sister and her husband.

Saturday: All day @ Blue Mountain for winter fun, then over to Cawaja Beach/Midland...may or may not come back to the city for the Snoop Dogg concert, then off to Industry Reunion party.

Sunday: either a) driving back up north, or b) Spendin' the day with family, and then family dinner in the evening in the great ol' village of Elmvale...then sunday night possibly LOTR.

Notorious T.O.B'

Ditto Much

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Friday - Can't say but it makes a jingly noise when it shakes

Saturday - Can't say but it might not still jingle in the morning

Sunday - Confession
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dj Red Turtle

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Wed : Stress relief at Element
Thurs : recover from alcohol poisoning
Fri : Playing at Fever alongside Simply Jeff and many others
Sat : Maybe Industry Reunion Party
Sun : UGH'ed right out


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Friday - Can't say but it makes a jingly noise when it shakes

Saturday - Don't know/won't say

Sunday - Don't know/won't say


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tonight - recover from last night
tomorrow - work then btown
friday - work then parents?
saturday - work morning then btown comes to me
sunday - ??


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tonight - soccer game at 9pm followed by team smoke session
thursday - LOTR - ROTK!!!
friday - hopefully ss with simon!!!
saturday - industry reunion!!!
sunday - recover and king west pot luck

the weekend before xmas is always super fun filled!!!


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today - baking christmas goodies with friend, get my new belt :D
thurs - internship
fri - fly home
sat - dinner party thingie with friends
sun - erm...finish my christmas shopping maybe???

it won't be exciting, i'll be in winterpeg.

mmmmm....i can't wait to eat real food and see my dog (aka "the beast") who hates me cos i hug him too much!
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j bunny 2000

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Tonight - 3rd b-day party for the cutest nephew in the world.

Thursday - Not sure,

Friday - Hammy Town with the M-crew

Saturday - Nothing says Xmas like a house party at a Farm in Milton:p :p

Sunday - decorate xmas tree with fam


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Tonight play XBOX Counter Strike until my thumbns fall off

Thursday: Birthday celebrtions for the BUTTER!

Friday: Seeing BIG FISH and maybe makign dinner...maybe

Saturday: Possibly the ROM, pre-drinking with the DANGERhOUSe Crew. Star Wars: The return of SUKE Sky Walker

Sunday: Conitnue on with the Saturday night flow

Monday: Call my friend Betty Ford for a visit...



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tonight: chill
Thursday: go to Pickering with my best girl friend and make awsome homemade Christmas prezzie for the boy
Friday: being a sexy date at a company Christmas shin-dig
Saturday: yoga, LOTR-ROTK, then ?
Sunday: shop


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Friday - doesn't matter
Saturday - dye my hair vibrant red, going to a family Xmas party and then INDUSTRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, oh God, how I missed thee!
Sunday - recuperating from INDUSTRY REUNION


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Tomorrow night: work party. what we're doing is a surprise but it will involve much booze.

Friday: Commit Hari Kari rather than face my coworkers after work party shenanigans.
Night: Sushi with my flip dykes, then probably go to a party my office friend is having in his beautiful clubland loft apartment.

Saturday: Nothing's set in stone, but there's a million people I'm trying to hook up with before the holidays ensue. Course what I want to do one one level is the Industry party... but hey a night off won't hurt me.
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the xmas party craziness is officially in full swing.

tonight: element. OH YEAH.
thursday: baking cookies and stuff with my mom, holiday party 1
friday: prepping all day for party 2, then party 2
saturday: going to a play, then holiday party 3
sunday: cooking dinner with a box munching midget and a box munching potato
monday: work xmas party
tuesday: xmas dinner with boy
wed-thurs-fri: matinee of producers on wed., followed by three days of family xmas gluttony and a side trip to the boy's family's place for xmas day breakfast.

oh man.
i'm tired and hungover and fatter already.


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friday - off work at 12!! woohoo!! in afternoon, finish christmas shopping, gym, home

friday night - ?? undecided...chill at home or system or house party or maybe all 3

saturday - yoga, dress shopping, errands,

saturday night - xmas party with old roommates...should be drunken madness

sunday - brunch, chill, gym, clean apartment, wrap presents



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Thursday - De La Soul Concert
Friday - Salad King - No Clue?!?
Saturday - Not 100% for daytime - Industry Reunion
Sunday - Recover - Snowboard?
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