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The Weekend Thread - First Edition 08


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Friday - Sunday = a big fat nothing. Too much travelling the last month, plus holidays and booze and food....I'm walking mad kilometers and eating salad and reading and watching dvds.
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this weekend will involve putting together a filing cabinet. eating some food, watching movies, and possibly alcohol.

i don't feel like doing anything. if i do anything it will be attending a b-day party on friday for the one and only gfunk.

edit: i almost forgot, the dag gets his first hair-cut on Saturday!
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RELAXing this weekend! Movies, excercise/warm-up for Whistler, maybe some reading. Need a break after my 'vacation' home! :)
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on saturday i'm going to a party without kids!

elissa will stay at nana and puppa's for the night and i'll be socializin'

and then around 1am i'll be tired and annoyed with the drunken/etc people and probably go to bed. LOL.


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Tonight - groceries, dinner with roomie???
Friday - hang out with a cute boy
Saturday - go to tanning salon (doctor recommended!), roomie's bday party
Sunday - SFA

I don't know why I bothered typing that, as none of it is noteworthy!


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I'm playing Wii and Ds all weekend, and cooking an awesome pork tenderloin. It's time for hibernation for me because I'm not a big fan of the cold.
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friday: meh. go away.

saturday: might be getting waxed for the first time in ages. someone bring me pain killers. anyone?

saturday night: :eek:
i'm wondering right now whether i love Gfunkdiva more than i love Derrick May. both have birthday parties of sorts on Saturday night. i suppose i can do both! hit gfunk's digs early-night, get her good n' drünk, then slip out like the cheap-ass friend that i am and zip over to FW, only to re-join the crew late-late should they be after-partying... weeee!

sugar: dinner tonight is cake. your help will be required.

The Watcher

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mariazmess said:
*brain explosion*
Me no like caek either.

I eat it once a year, on my birthday, because it gets shoved in me by whomever makes it.
Otherwise, I like my candles in a tenderloin for my bday.

Tonight: Lack of anything to do.... -> Gym I guess. Then home for NOTHING :(
Friday: Not sure, going to hang with some of my best friends who were working through new years.
Saturday: Riding @ Blue with Jeremy, then come back to town and do nothing?
Sunday: Relax..... TAKE IT EAAAAAAASY
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plans to walk a cute puppy in high park on sunday and dominate a video game with my best girl at some point...
oh and think im going to this hot boys bar to celebrate a bday on saturday


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Tonight: Hoping to get out of the office in the next hour to meet some girlies at the ginormous Terroni for dins. I'm all about the insalata a fagiolo. Sob silently over inability to dive into the wine. Hide frankenchin behind sparkling water glass.

Tomorrow: Movie & sushi with the boy chez nous.

Saturday: Early a.m. walking/career rant with girlie friend, followed by matinee with Babsteen & my best.

Saturday pm: Quiet dinner plans. (There's a theme!)

Sunday: Gym, then hopefully a smokeyes, mini-V, mini-D visit. I have been told there will be cheese.

edit: I need to misbehave. And soon.


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tonight: sleeping
tomorrow: work, prepping for weekend shoot
sat: finishing up work on the food network pilot and then shooting a music video, then getting drunk
sun: chilaxing, begin reviewing, editing and doing post on music vid.
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