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The Voids *Vinyl Giveaways of your own choice*


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The Voids.com Vinyl Giveaways

At The Voids.com, we'll be giving away free vinyls of your own choice, starting this week.
Tune in to any of DJ Wilder, DJ Sinergy & Aaron K's show, you'll be entitled to win a free vinyl*. (Vinyl requested must be reasonably attainable, no hard to finds!)
That is if you answered the question posed by the respective dj correctly.
During the show, a question will be asked and listeners will be required to send an email with the correct answer.
The email address will be announced during the show.
There will only be one winner per week, so one of the three lucky winners from each show will be chosen by random, and informed thru email.

So remember to tune in tonite, 17th April 2002 for my set and gain a chance to win a vinyl of your choice!
Starting my set from 7pm EST/ 12am GMT - 10pm EST/ 3am GMT.

See ya at the chatbox!

Aaron K

P/s If any recordstore is willing to sponsor The Voids vinyl giveaways, send an email to aaron-k@thevoids.com ;)
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Hey there,

I would to apologize for the server glitch we experienced last night. Apparently, about 40mins into my set, the whole server crashed and I was unable to continue.
This problem is currently being investigated and we'll switch back to the old server by tonite for now.

Unfortunately, the competition was not carried out due to the crash. However, the server should be back up tonite, and your chance to win the vinyls still stands.

On Friday, 7pm EST/12am GMT, I'll be back on again, airing a special guest mix CD for the first hour. So stay tuned! More info coming up tomorrow. ;)

Aaron K