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The Vajankle.

Boss Hog

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Now I've seen some fucked up things.


The vajankle – as its name suggests – is the unholy union of a vagina and an ankle… and it’s as disturbing as it sounds.

Unless you have a serious foot fetish that is, in which case, we’d imagine, it’s serious good times.

Sin boutique – the website selling them – explains: ‘These quirky feet have a vagina built right in at the ankle!’

They go on: ‘The vajankle is in the left foot only. You can order the vajankle independently, or as a pair with the standard right foot.’

This level of sexy silicone foot times doesn’t come cheap. In fact, the vajankle costs a toe-curling $179 (approximately £118).

Still, it’s a small price to pay for your very own shaggable foot, eh?

NSFW: Calling all foot fetishists – the vajankle is the sex toy for you | Metro News
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I was scrolling through facebook over the weekend and noticed that imagine but never thought to look at it. Wow haha interesting.