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The US War on Drugs Supports Terrorism..


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thought this was interesting and thought i'd post it.....


Libertarian Party runs provocative anti-War on Drugs newspaper ads

[February 26] The Libertarian Party has launched a provocative advertising campaign that accuses Drug Czar John Walters and other pro-War on Drugs politicians of financially aiding terrorism.

The full-page ads, a parody of an ongoing Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) advertising campaign, appear Tuesday in USA Today and the Washington Times.

USA Today has a circulation of just under 2.2 million. The Washington Times reaches just over 100,000 readers.

"We wanted to shake up the nation's drug debate," said Libertarian Party Executive Director Steve Dasbach. "The federal government has been using the hatred of terrorists caused by the September 11 attacks to prop up its sputtering War on Drugs.

"We want to make sure the other side of the debate is heard -- and we want to make our point in a provocative, in-your-face way that the Drug Czar, the White House, and pro-War on Drugs politicians cannot ignore. We think our ads will do that."

The Libertarian advertisement charges that the War on Drugs creates black markets that boost the price of illegal drugs by as much as 17,000%, funneling massive profits to terrorist organizations.

The ad shows a huge blowup of the face of Drug Czar John Walters, and states: "This week, I had lunch with the President, testified before Congress, and helped funnel $40 million in illegal drug money to groups like the Taliban."

The advertisement tells Americans: "If you support the War on Drugs or vote for the politicians who wage it, you're helping support terrorism." It also directs readers to a website for more information: http://www.LP.org/drugwar.

The ad is a parody of an ongoing ONDCP advertising campaign alleging that Americans who buy illegal drugs support terrorism.

One typical ONDCP ad shows a closeup of a young woman's face, and says: "Last week, I washed my car, hung out with a few friends, and helped murder a family in Colombia."

The bottom of the ONDCP ads state: "Drug money helps support terror. Buy drugs and you could be supporting it too."

The problem with the ONDCP ads, said Dasbach, is that the War on Drugs causes the very problem those ads complain about.

"The War on Drugs turns ordinary, cheap plants like marijuana and poppies into fantastically lucrative illegal products that enrich terrorists," he said. "Without the War on Drugs, the financial engine that fuels many terrorist organizations would sputter to a halt."

The Libertarian advertisement is deliberately designed to be provocative to help get its message across, said Dasbach.

"We have thrown down the gauntlet," he said. "The Drug Czar wants to tell the 94 million Americans who have peacefully used illegal drugs that they are helping terrorism. That's nonsense.

"The fact is, the War on Drugs, the politicians who vote for it, and the bureaucrats who administer it are the best friends that terrorists ever had. We want voters to know that federal drug policy is making America less safe."

At the website given in the advertisement -- www.LP.org/drugwar -- the Libertarian Party presents factual evidence buttressing its claim that the War on Drugs enriches terrorists.

The website quotes from a report issued by the ONDCP, "The Price of Illicit Drugs: 1981 Through the Second Quarter of 2000" (October 2001), that states: "Illicit drug prices are many magnitudes higher than would otherwise be the case were there no effective source zone, interdiction, and domestic law enforcement programs."

The site also cites the Hoover Digest (Issue No. 1, 2000), published by the Hoover Institution, which give the "17,000 percent" mark-up figure for illegal drugs. The Hoover Digest article was written by Joseph D. McNamara, former police chief of Kansas City, Missouri and San Jose, California.

In addition, the site quotes the ONDCP's site, www.theantidrug.com, U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL), and the Congressional Research Service.

"We make a very solid case that the War on Drugs dramatically increases the price of drugs," said Dasbach. "That's why terrorists flock to the drug trade -- and earn hundreds of millions of dollars in artificially inflated profits. They then use that money to finance violence against innocent people, corrupt law enforcement, wage civil wars, and destabilize governments around the world.

"That's why this is such an important message for us to convey to voters. If we eliminate the War on Drugs, we can eliminate the enormous, inflated profits terrorists get from illegal drug trafficking. We can take away their financial ammunition. We can make America safer."

The two ads cost the Libertarian Party just over $71,200 to run.

The party raised most of the money from its e-mail list of LP supporters in just five days, said Dasbach -- however, about one-third of the money came from non-LP sources.

"A number of drug reform groups are very excited about what we're doing," he said. "Groups like the Drug Reform Coordination Network forwarded our messages to their own e-mail lists, and a significant number of non-party members made generous contributions. Their help made these ads possible."

The party did considerable legal research before booking the ads, said Dasbach, to make sure it would not face any lawsuits.

"We ran the advertisement by the party's legal counsel, and he said we fall solidly within the 'fair-use' doctrine," he said. "Even though our ad uses the likeness of a real person, mimics the look-and-feel of the ONDCP ads, and makes a provocative claim, we are on solid legal ground."

Since the ad is "political speech," a much higher standard of scrutiny would be applied than would be the case with commercial ads, said Dasbach.

The Supreme Court has held -- most notably in the precedent-setting case of Hustler Magazine, Inc., et al v. Jerry Falwell, et al -- that even barbed satire of public figures is protected speech under the Constitution, he said.

The Libertarian Party ad is running in just two newspapers, said Dasbach, but the party may expand it to other newspapers in the future.

"The ONDCP ads have run in 293 newspapers around the country," he said. "Wouldn't it be poetic justice to have the face of John Walters, the terrorists' best friend, staring out of every one of those same newspapers?"

To view the ad, visit: http://www.lp.org/issues/drugczarad.html


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The War on Drugs is a futile endeavour.

That's all I have to say about that.

Ahough I would enjoy seeing less meth and heroin on the streets; maybe talk to China and get them to crack down on the export of smack so that its not flying through the West Coast. I, of course, want marijuana and psilocybin legalized, but there are still problem drugs that need to be eradicated. Education helps, of course, but when a supply dries up then so does demand.

A massive influx of cheap heroin on the streets of Vancouver has created a whole slew of problems - I lost a friend to an overdose a couple of years ago.:(

There are some who say a drug is not evil, people are evil, a similar argument to handguns. However, if all of a sudden heroin became as cheap as E, a lot more people would be exposed to it - I think the less its available the better.

Not that the War on Drugs has reduced heroin importation by one iota, but I honestly think something needs to be done about this dangerous substance. I just don't know what. Meth too; there's just no good side.



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And this is what dubya had to say about it all......

Remarks by the President

THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. I want to talk to the good people of this country about the scourge of luscious and irresistible drugs which are so popular across this great Christian land of ours. As you know, the federal government's War on Drugs, conceived by Nancy Reagan and Miss Cleo in the spring of 1981, has for almost 21 years been a hugely successful means of spurring meteoric growth within the corrections industry - whose lobbyists keep both Laura and myself swimming in the finest 12 year-old Scotch this Texas redneck has ever funneled.

Today, wiping out Allah-loving towelheads is the one thing that all Americans can agree on. With this in mind, I will be tying every last issue in my domestic agenda to the fight against terrorism, no matter how absurdly unrelated they may be. Issues like drugs. (Applause.)

And so this morning, I'm proud to be standing here in front of a potent new weapon in the War on Drugs and Terrorism: The Black Teen Gulag. Based on a compelling new design concept inspired by Civil War field hospitals and the 20th Anniversary DVD of TRON, these compassionate new facilities will contain and punish America's #1 supporters of terrorism through drug use: impoverished, ghetto-dwelling black boys. Furthermore, I have asked the Congress for their swift and unquestioning approval of funds to erect hundreds of these exciting new penetentiaries in rural and overwhelmingly white communities from sea to shining sea, thereby creating thousands of prison guard jobs for America's most ignorant and sadistic high school dropouts. (Applause.)

Yes, with Attorney General Ashcroft and Drug Czar John Walters at my side, we're putting the incarceration of teen Africanic males back at the center of our national agenda. And that's why my new budget also asks the Congress for an additional $8 billion to identify, track, arrest and imprison the next generation of this detestable voting block - which consistently and overwhelmingly supports my political opponents. Because for this, they must pay. (Applause.)

But back to terrorism for a minute. You know, people ask me all the time, "George, as someone who was hand-picked by God to rule America, can you tell me how I can help fight against terror?" Well, the first thing you can do is contribute generously to my 2004 reelection fund. Secondly, you shouldn't purchase illegal drugs. At least not heroin or opium anyway - because then you're supporting the same Muslim loonies who charge top dollar for the primo petrol that's buried under those desert armpits they call countries. As for marijuana, cocaine, and ecstasy, which are produced almost entirely by domestic, allied South American, Dutch, and Israeli sources, you oughta stay away from them too. I should know. As a former heavy user of not only high-grade powder cocaine, but also pot, methamphetamine, BGH, nitrous oxide, and various modeling glues - I know only too well the damage that sweet, delicious drugs can almost do to a manufactured and undeserved political career. Of course, I was a little too old to catch the ecstasy love bug, but my daughters Jenna and Barbara have been kind enough to brief me on its deleterious effects.

I've also asked our Homeland Security Director, Tom Ridge, to examine ways we can improve our national border management system, to make sure we keep out Mexicans and Queen-worshipping Canadians, 45% of whom arrive with brick-sized parcels of hardcore drugs impacted deep inside their dirty foreigner rectums.

In closing, it is important for Americans to understand this: that the best way to affect supply is to reduce demand for drugs; that we can work as hard as we can on interdiction, but so long as there are black teens using drugs in this country, Al Qaeda sleeper cells can and will be building nukeyular bombs in a crackhouse near you. And so a central focus of my strategy, developed in conjunction with the William S. Bennet Foundation for Hypocrisy in Policy Making, is to reduce demand by rounding up these so-called "Blafrican Americans," locking them up, throwing away the key, and lastly - and compassionately - NOT giving the bastards the lethal injections they deserve. (Applause.)

Thank you - and God Bless.

Subsonic Chronic

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I'm glad that someone is finally trying to show the light to the rest of the country.

I've read statistics elsewhere that harm prevention techniques (rehab, education, etc...) is at least 7 times more cost effective at treating the problems of drugs in society.

Here's something quite interesting as well. It's a short film that won awards at the Sundance film festival. It brings up the ties between the CIA, DEA and drug smuggling operations in LA and Central America.


It includes interviews with Mike Ruppert, the same former LAPD officer currently touring the U.S. and Canada doing talks on the government's complicity in the 9-11 tragedy.

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