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The UFC/MMA Thread


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DeepSix said:

also, dude has raw potential. he's huge. he's youngish. he's willing to learn. he just got exposed.

Randy pretty much has an "open door" policy when it comes to training.

kimbo is 34 dude
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Flashy_McFlash said:
What? Like The Ultimate Fighter? Which BJ has already been on?

I think it's a tough fight to call because while GSP's beaten BJ before, if his head's not in the game he's basically Kimbo Slice, getting beaten by dudes like Serra.
theyve both been coaches....
bj and jens

i forget who gsp was with but it was before they started really keying in on the coaches (if i remember right, i do drink alot though)
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I was originally talking Junie and then I think even I got confused and started talking Kimbo! "He's huge" makes me think I was thinking about Kimbo a bit. But every other statement was about Junie.

But what I was acutally wanting to refer to was Junie's training with Xtreme Couture. Whatever happened since the show ended has been huge for Junie - Shawn Tompkins has totally revamped Junie's striking.


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Muad'ib said:

are you talking about kimbo? sounds like someone bought into the EXC hype machine. he's a joke.

no, junnie

and i was responding to bad, thats how things went form kimbo to junnie :p
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F' this dumb thread let it die and post in the old one, it's ten times better and much for info for noobs who want to read back a few 100 pages
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I am so excited, I am going to go watch UFC 98 live!!!!

To watch my fav fighter win his title live... yay!
Machida all the way... :)