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The U of T Athletic centre.


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Okay, so I went to check it out yestarday.. Even though I've been going there for a couple years I had never been in the place until yestarday..

I think I missed something.

I saw the pools, the changerooms, etc.

so I change then go and try and find the facilities.

I ended in the upstairs part with the track. I see some shitty stairmasters and stationary bike and some assorted machines.

NO eliptical trainers... hardly and wieght macheines. Rather ghetto I though.

but I think I may have missed where they keep the good equipment.

Can someone tell me?
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Boss Hog

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I don't think they have any elipticals, but the weight room with some free weights and other machines are on the main floor (look for the vending machines straight ahead past the turnstile entrance...) there's a little corridor that goes around the corner to the left of them).

The weight room is all right, but in the summer the air circulation is bad and it smells like men.

Boss Hog

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they have both there, it's where you'd find me. Although the track upstairs has some incentive too ;)