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The Tribe board is like...(insert wit here)

glych t.anomaly

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talk about loneliness???


i dont really understand loneliness as per i love being alone.

i can understand the precept behind it, but as i have always existed both within all social circles, and outside at the same time, never allowing for any one allegiance.

and so the statement that Ravaged skulls made, got me thignking, and i have had cyclic type of insomnia goin on for about 21 years now, yet i dont find it necessary to go seek out company when i am in the long wakeful episodes on sleep depravation.

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The tribe board is like that hot, crazy sleezy, ex you cant shake-you just have to hit it.

defazman has the best one me thinks!

The Tesseract

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Tribe is a lot like Unique2100 on the rag...
It's best you stay away from him, even though he's harmless.

:) hehe
Sorry dude... you were asking for it.
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Originally posted by smilez
Tribers are like cell phone companies...if you haven't been screwed by one, eventually you will.

this is the best one.
Nope. Im still safe. hahaha.