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The Travel Thread


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Hello everyone, I am from New-York and a few weeks ago I visited Toronto.I can say this is beautiful city and I enjoyed every moment I've spent there. I and my girlfriend decided to rent a car and searched that there's good car rent company right in airport we land here and after that we just went around where ever we want. Of course we visited Niagara and it was amazing. I knew it's huge but to see that with your own eyes - I can't say how it's magnificent but you know I guess. We loved Raley's aquarium. And night life is great too. Every bar and restaurant attracted us. I can speak about it without ending. Great city and great people.
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Don Luis could enjoy taking in the view of the second-biggest coral reef in the world, but instead he keeps his eyes to the ground. He says that he is simply checking that everything is in order, but during our walk together I hear him use a word I have never heard before: “playear” – literally, to beach. The verb refers to the never-ending search for bricks of cocaine that are dropped by small planes and may be missed by the speedboats that come to scoop them up. To not playear here is like not being Catholic in the Vatican.

The dark side of the Caribbean