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The The


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Blasting The The, one of my favorite bands.

Fortunate enough to see them perform when they were touring for the Mind Bomb album at the Masonic Temple in Toronto in the late 80s where their huge wall of subwoofers nearly shook the masonry to pieces when the played Gravitate To Me.

I always found it hard to work their tracks into my DJ sets in the mid 1980's but thankfully, like The Cure, they put out a few extended DJ friendly remixes, which was rare for bands to do at the time, so I always made the effort.

The The lyrics are heavy with political and religious commentary but the music is really nice too. If you haven't heard of them before, check them out.

Matt has also done a rare interview here:
Interview: The The | M Magazine M magazine: PRS for Music online magazine - PRS for Music Online Magazine
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The The were quite the awesome concoction (especially when Johnny Marr came on board), and Matt Johnson is a brilliant lyricist and vocalist. Never had the pleasure of hearing them live, but their singles were also staples in my box, back in the day.

These two are primo Summertime tunes: