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The Symphony


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My grandmother was a very poor woman. An immigrant (emmigrant?). Stoic. Old. Pragmatic. Aha, a natural product of WWII Germany.

Aside from a fancy of small pickles and mushrooms cooked with bacon, I suppose we didn't have much in common. I couldn't and still cannot imagine the atrocities through which she suffered.

Upon arriving in Canada, in the late 1940's, amongst the obvious vitriol against Germans at the time, with what little money she had, she purchased season tickets at our local symphony, the KW symphony.

One day I was at the gay bar and I invited a group of people back to my house for an after party. I play the violin, poorly. One of the gentlemen announced that he is a violinist in the KW Symphony Orchestra. So naturally I pulled out my violin and asked him to play.


If you go to 2:45 you will hear what he played.

It was wonderful, but then he chastised me, for not supporting the arts more fervently. Well, I had little recourse, aside from the story that my poor dead grandmother had supported his symphony in that day.

I know there are true artists on tribe, whose concerts I've supported and whose tune I wish to hear again. Let's not forget these great origins of music upon whose foundations we austensibly revere modern tunes.

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shit that takes me back.
haven't heard Vivaldi in a while

I can't help but be hurt that we haven't heard many things for a while.

Where is the art of music these days?

Aha, I know a great musician, with whom I went to school and is probably reading this, lurking. To put words into his mouth, he would speak about the evolution of music.

The origin of the rave scene, which itself is ostensibly the reason for this website, claims "music" for roots.

Well then tell me about it.



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For the 35 & under crowd (prob slim pickings on here!) the Toronto Symphony Orchestra has Soundcheck. Tix are a steal at $14. And if you're too old to qualify get a younger friend to sign up, you can be their +1.

It's a terrific way to be introduced to live classical music.



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It seems like a geezer thing to do.

But on Fridays, I get dressed up, and I go to the symphony. Alone.

Ah, I see all the old couples there. Entertained by the conductor, with his whit.

But then I spot some beautiful boys in the crowd, more men really. And I get jealous.

"Oh how is that beautiful man stuck with that character?"


And so I spend more money.

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