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The surreal opposite land of Toronto City Council

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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If you look into this more closely, you'll see that:
1. This is the same ruling that was ignored by Council for Ford, and resulted in his appeal on the conflict of interest charge being dropped on appeal, so if they changed the rule for Augimeri, they would have to go back and kick Ford out.

2. Both Fords, in what is an amazing coincidence :rolleyes:, happen to be strong supporters (with $$ as well as words) of Cusimano, the guy who was found guilty of breaching the elections act.


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Rewarding rule breaking if you ask me. I am surprised they didn't also give her a trophy and a pat on the back. What the Councillors are doing here is voting for themselves, to protect themselves from any financial implications of wrongdoing going forward. Typical politicians - driven by self interest.


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Read the details and don't jump to blame the politicos. Note that even Ford voted in favour of this.

What you CAN blame, is the Municipal Act.
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