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the summertime Scuttlebutt


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"Our chain of command is clear, it is stable and it's in place and that's our coach reports to the general manager who reports to the president,"

The manager in theory is the guy who puts this organization together
umm trouble brewing already?


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Originally posted by diego
I was just reading some of Quinns comments.
I have to believe that if the leafs don't do much this year he's gone. I mean he still seems to think he has some gm control and that just might be a problem. Maybe this time next year Quinns in say NY?
yeah... I don't think Quinnypooh will last the year. It will be too hard for him to take orders from a rookie GM. Especially, a GM that he helped pick. Ferguson, as a rookie GM... would AND should.. get ruffled by Quinn's constant hovering... and we'll see Ferguson's true colors when he FIRES Quinn.

It will be interesting to see how JF Jr. treats our current situation. I mean... St. Louis... a team that had some pretty fucking good defensive strategies. and we all know the defense issue in TO.


keep yer fingers (cory) crossed.