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the summertime Scuttlebutt

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by patri©k, Aug 26, 2003.

  1. patri©k

    patri©k TRIBE Member

    hello nhl fans! :)



    ... I'm fucking bored. I'm craving leafs hockey.... and so.. I've decided to write a Scuttlebutt.

    first off... a few of my buddies have been asking me what I think the lines will be at the start of the season for the buds... now... remember... this is only speculation... ;)

    1st: Sundin, Mogilny, Antropov
    2nd: Nolan, Roberts, Nieuwendyk
    3rd: Riechel, Tucker, Renberg
    4th: Domi, Gilmour, Fitzgerald
    Leftovers: Josh Holden, Harold Druken, Matt Stajan

    1st: Kaberle, Zhitnik
    2nd: McCabe, Berg
    3rd: Marchment, Coliacoavo
    Leftovers: Wade Belak, Karel Pilar, Brendan Bell

    New (In) Marchment, Nieuwendyk, Zhitnik

    Old (Out) Hoglund (take care, comb your hair,) Jerky Lum-me, Glen Wesley (ouch,) Phil Housley, Shayne Corson and Paul Healey (NYR)


    only one ..... pittsburgh traded Johan Hedberg to Vancouver for a 2nd round choice. You might remember "the moose" from a couple of years back when he came in to the league in the playoffs and played extremely well. Hedberg will now push Cloutier for the starting job (and I hope he beats him) and @ $1.1m/year, he is a cheap backup if Clouts shines. Wikid move by Vancouver - this will push Cloutier even more.. Hedberg became expendable when Pittsburgh signed Sebastian Caron to a 4yr deal.


    - Doug Weight to Detroit, Cujo & Martin Lapointe to St.Louis and Chris Osgood & Boyd Devereaux to Boston. Not going to happen cuz St.Louis wants to dump salary, not add it.. pretty fair all around deal though

    - These Sergei Samsonov rumours will not die... Boston is one of the, if not THE cheapest team in the league and Samsonov already seems to know what he's worth - and it's obvious that he is not in their plans in the near future.. Latest rumour has Samsonov being flipped to the Red Wings straight up for CuJo. Since CuJo's injury though, I doubt this will resurface again. The rumour that I have seen countless times reads as such: Samsonov & Hal Gill to the NY Rangers for Tom Poti and Mike
    Dunham. This, of course, will obviously depend if CuJo gets traded to the Rangers...

    - Valerie Bure's name keeps popping up as well. As you may or may not recall, Florida ended up claiming Bure back from the St. Louis Blues but may now seem to regretting it. Bure is slated to make a whopping $3.1m this coming year and has done absolutely nothing to prove his worth. Panthers GM Rick Dudley wanted Bure to restructure his contract from 1 year over 3, but Bure will not hear of it (how many people will actually take a $2m paycut if the team was stupid enough to pay them those funds in the first place???) There have been whispers that New Jersey is interested in Bure, but I find it had to believe that Bure is not really a "Pat Burns" type of player - just as he is not a Mike Keenan type player either.. You never know though..

    - Staying on the Panthers, I read today that Rick Dudley is looking to move a few young(er) forwards before that start of the season since he already has a logjam forming. Names mentioned as possible trade bait? Niklas Hagman, Valeri Bure, Matt Cullen, Ivan Novoseltsev, Denis Shvidki, Jaroslov Bednar or Marcus Nilsson. If two of these young forwards are packaged together (say Nilsson and Cullen) the return could be a veteran and/or stud defenceman, which they truly need to help Bouwmeester along the way (and memo to all: Todd Gill is not the answer....)

    - My buddy Glen has come up with a great solution to the great goalie debate... I love the way he thinks.. Everyone knows that the Leafs are not going to win the Stanley Cup this year (mostly with the defence they currently carry..) So this is his idea. We have our goalie of the future in the minors getting ready(Tellqvist) and Belfour has one year left on his deal. It has become quite evident that Colorado are taking this season VERY serious and want to win - no ifs ands or buts.. Why don't the
    Leafs sign Felix Potvin for 1yr (approx. $3m) and turn around and flip Belfour to Colorado for either Tanguay or for Skoula and a pick. This way, the Leafs get younger (which they want to do) and they save more money to go after a bonafide star to bolster their team. Tellqvist will stay in the minors full-time for one more year until he's deemed ready. If Tellqvist doesn't pan out (he's touted to be the next Tommy Salo) then there is always the trade route next year. In getting Skoula, they would get a solid 3rd or 4th d-man or with Tanguay, they get a bright star....


    - Sandy McCarthy - Boston (1yr/$800k) : Known for being "cheap," the Boston Bruins got themselves a bargain with this signing. The former enforcer with the New York Rangers, McCarthy became expendable once the Rangers signed tough-guy Chris Simon. McCarthy is still one of the best heavyweights in the league and can show some offensive spunk (like Brashear, Domi and Simon) but he has to play with someone who has offensive skills to show them, like he did when he was a linemate of Lindros. my thoughts? Great pickup!

    - Randy Robitaille - Atlanta (1yr/No Terms) : This career 4th line centre gives stability to a young Thrashers team. Solid and cheap pickup who has played with the likes of Mario Lemieux, Jaromir Jagr, Adam Oates, etc.. Should bring some veteran leadership, not scoring.. Similar to Tom Fitzgerald with the Leafs..

    - Todd (The Thrill) Gill - Florida (1yr/No Terms) : I know Florida wanted to bring in some veterans to help out some of the youngsters (Bouwmeester, Hagman, Novoseltsev, etc) but I could of swore they wanted someone like Adam Graves or 'Lucky' Luc Robitaille - someone who can still play the game, not just tutor. This is ridiculous... My prediction? Will not last the year - will either retire or get cut....

    - Bill Lindsay - Atlanta (No Terms) : Here is Atlanta picking up their veteran leadership. This guy won't rinse out the scoresheets but he'll definately show Heatley & Kovulchuk some veteran savvy. That's what they need... Nice pickup indeed. First Robitaille, now Lindsay.. Good for them!

    - Bryan McCabe - Toronto (1yr/No Terms) : Wasn't unrestricted but was speculated that this might get ugly. Was looking for Wade Redden-type money ($4yr/$14m) but was asking for too much (duh, you think??) He probably tried to use the Svehla situation to his advantage (if there is no Svehla, I am the #2 defenceman - they need me...) What we need is for this guy to stop taking dumbass penalties... Love the hip-checks though! Wouldn't he look great lining up with Yushkevich??!?? Keep dreaming ...


    - Danny Markov has decided that maybe the NHL is a better place to play after all. After threatening to play in Russia next year (contractual leverage) he has signed on with the Carolina Canes for 3 years. Carolina now boasts a very strong defensive core, including Bob Boughner, Markov and Glen Wesley.

    - Bryan Berard was awarded $2.51m from an arbitrator but Boston totally disagrees with the decision - so much that they have said that they do not want him, making him an unrestricted free agent, with "matching" rights. Meaning, if Berard signs with someone within 80% of the value he was supposed to receive, Boston has the right to match it.

    - CuJo tried to let it slide, but leave it up to the Toronto media to find the scoop... Joseph had surgery Tuesday to fix a chipped ankle and will be off skates for 6 weeks. Then, throw in some rehab time and CuJo will probably miss training camp. Doesn't help the Red Wings in hopes of trading him any time soon. Looks like for the first month or so of the year (if CuJo isn't traded by then) Detroit will be paying $16.1m for their trio of goaltenders. Hasek & CuJo make $8m each and Manny Legace (who could be ANY teams starting goalie) will make $1.1m. And people wonder why the league is in disarray????? Go figure....

    - Don Meehan, agent for two unrestricted free agents, Oleg Tverdovsky and Magnus Arvedson has publicly announced that if neither of his clients are signed "shortly" then they will opt to play in Europe for a year.. Arvedson has said he has been approached by 10 different teams and is looking over "4" concrete offers, but none are in his 3yr/$7.5m asking price range. Apparently the Leafs have offered him a 1 year deal(why?) but is said to prefer a longer contract. As for Tverdovsky, I still see him in Blue & White next year... Other than the Leafs, I haven't heard of any team vying for his services, which is quite surprising.....

    - Speaking of the Leafs, don't be surprised if they announce their new GM next week. Originally, it was widely speculated that Steve Tambellini will succeed Pat Quinn as GM but now has since taken a different twist.. Since there are 3 members of the Leafs Upper Management involved in picking the next GM, only two are speaking out. Richard Peddie is being the good guy during the interviews, pointing out all the positives. Ken Dryden on the other hand, brings up the negatives (playing the bad cop.)Surprisingly, Pat Quinn isn't saying much. He's taking it all in - weighing the pros and cons per say. The front runner? Neil Smith ... ex-GM of the New York Rangers. Being a Toronto boy and winning a Stanley Cup ('94 Rangers) definately helps.. I think it would be a wise choice. Other than Smith, President of Hockey Canada John Ferguson Jr. and Steve Tambellini are the others. I would have rathered seen Dean Lombardi (ex-San Jose GM) but he has signed on with the Flyers to be their Western
    Conference scout... UPDATE (Monday) Various sources have told TSN that John Ferguson Jr. has supplanted Smith as the favorite.. Surprise, surprise... Why would Quinn want to hire someone who has a Stanley Cup? Let's go for the rookie instead.....

    - Former Montreal Canadiens star Martin Rucinsky was quoted in a Czech newspaper that he is trying to work out a deal with two different teams - St. Louis Blues and the LA Kings. But, it seems as though Glen Sather has a liking for this guy and would like to see him re-join the Rangers. He was quoted as saying even Eric Lindros has called him to ask him to sign on with the Rangers. Currently, he is an unrestricted free agent..

    - In that same Czech newspaper, Jan Hlavac has said that his is in contract negotiations with the Carolina Hurricanes. It was widely speculated that the Rangers planned on bringing him back (since that is where he showed his offensive spunk) but has said the interest has died down. He used to be 1/3 of the infamous "Czeching" line with the Rangers with Petr Nedved and Radek Dvorak. He has played with Philadelphia, Vancouver and Carolina since his departure with the Rangers and hasn't showed half the numbers that he had with NYR.

    - Are the Mighty Ducks skating on thin ice? Well, after losing Kariya and Oates and replacing them with Fedorov and Prospal, looks like their MVP might start the season as a holdout. J.S. Giguere looks like he is holding out for a whopping $7m per season - definately not in the Ducks budget. Theodore was league MVP AND Vezina trophy winner and he only made $5m the next year.. What will happen? I believe that he will end up with Theodore-type money, but when? I think he will miss the beginning part of the season and depending on the play of Martin Gerber, if Gerber plays well, it will be dragged on.. Not just Giguere, but it seems that forward Petr Sykora is a holdout-candidate as well. Not positive for the Cloud-9 Ducks.......

    trust me you nhl loving squirrels....


  2. patri©k

    patri©k TRIBE Member

    scuttlebutt massive ?

    make some noooooooiiiiiiiisssssseeeeeeeeeeee

  3. Bumbaclat

    Bumbaclat TRIBE Member

    what is a scuttlebutt?

    Slang. Gossip; rumor.
    A drinking fountain on a ship.
    A cask on a ship used to hold the day's supply of drinking water.

    are we going sailing? if so I'm in for sure...

  4. sohaness

    sohaness TRIBE Member

    did the leafs sign Nieuwendyk? :confused:

  5. AVE

    AVE TRIBE Member

    yeah, you can't put players in the lineup that aren't even on the team!!!!

  6. patri©k

    patri©k TRIBE Member

    LOL... i know... that's why I said it's all what I *think* will be the starting lines for the leafs at the beginning of the season.


    I believe.

  7. AVE

    AVE TRIBE Member

    and i think its a bad move to bring in Ferguson Jr. Like you said, why go with a cup winner when you can bring in a guy who has very little experience.:confused:

    and as far as i know, he was at the helm(or somewhere near it anyway) when the Blues went from underpaid overachievers to overpaid underachievers. great track record. The Leafs are already overpaid underachievers, so i guess the work is already done.....

    Quinn wants someone who is like putty in his hand so he has a secure job, and a big say in what goes down.

    not the way to run a team IMO.

    they really should have gone for neil smith
  8. AVE

    AVE TRIBE Member

    i can't fucking wait for hockey season
  9. patri©k

    patri©k TRIBE Member

    yeah... the fact that he's a toronto boy... the love for the buds must be deep in his heart... so you know... guys usually put forth that extra effort when managing a team which they grew up following and watching every winter.

    We need Smith... and it will be interesting to see how this all unfolds.

  10. SneakyPete

    SneakyPete TRIBE Member

    I also think it's a bad move to hire JFJ. Although I don't know too much about him I read he doesn't have much experience in scouting, something the Leafs could use both at the pro and amateur level. I think Smith or Nicholson would be a better choice.

    ps. John Furgerson Jr is not the president of Hockey Canada, Bob Nicholson is.
  11. OTIS

    OTIS TRIBE Member

    Call me ignant, but what's a scuttlebut?
  12. joey

    joey TRIBE Member

    whats with zhitnik and neuindiek ?(so hard to spell)
  13. djcheezwhiz

    djcheezwhiz TRIBE Member

    hahaha...todd "the thrill" gill :D
    & i'd love to see nieuendyk in a leafs uniform...gotta hand in my protected roster for my lifetime pool by this weekend...

    who would you protect??


    all 4 basically mid range type forwards, but stefan finally started to show some life last year...huselius, although starting out strong faded under keenan...holmstrom can probably be replaced easily & has never proven to be more than a 40pt forward (lots of those around)...& gratton i think won't go anywhere in phoenix...

    patrick i look for your guidance :)

  14. SneakyPete

    SneakyPete TRIBE Member

    Depends what stats you count.
  15. djcheezwhiz

    djcheezwhiz TRIBE Member

    very basic...goals & assists for skaters...

  16. djcheezwhiz

    djcheezwhiz TRIBE Member

    ^^actually my team's pretty kick ass, but since it's a lifetime pool we have to hand in a protected roster every year (it's been going for about 6 years now)...lotsa fun, except last year where pronger, sakic, daze, & allison decided to get injured for most of the season...

  17. SneakyPete

    SneakyPete TRIBE Member

    I'd go with Gratton, he's the most talented of the 4 IMO.
  18. patri©k

    patri©k TRIBE Member

    good 'ol Chris 'potatos au' Gratton....

    can't go wrong with that tool.


    and otis.. a scuttlebutt is a rumour/piece of gossip...

    so it's like... rumour lodge... gossip lodge.... take yer pic...

    regardless... it's always about hockey with me... so... learn to accept it my brotha.


    hockey season is just around the corner.

  19. patri©k

    patri©k TRIBE Member

    ok... I'd like to change my answer. For whatever reason... I was confusing Gratton with another player. :p

    so.. now that I've got it all sorted.. .this is what I'd do...

    - Gratton has only hit 40pts twice in his career.. And he's a big galoot..

    - Stefan has had NUMEROUS concussions, so he's injury-prone.

    - Holmstrom? I believe he plays on a line w/ Shanahan.

    - Huselius - Looks promising but I'm afraid of the sophomore jinx (even though this would be his 3rd year..)

    so... in order, this is what I'd do..

    1. Holmstrom
    2. Huselius
    3. Gratton
    4. Stefan

    hope it helps mate.

  20. Cho

    Cho TRIBE Member

    Holmstrom really??

    I like his game, stand in front of the net and cause shit. Even though his game is awful/terrible he takes a beating in front of the net. Dump Renberg and pick up this Swede.

    Besides the Leafs game especially the power play has traditionally been in need of someone that wants to stand in front of the other teams goal. He is one of the best in the NHL at doin this.

    I think it works hopefully Ferguson Jr. does too amonst many many others
  21. patri©k

    patri©k TRIBE Member

    so... looks like Ferguson Jr is the new man. Hrm. Don't know if I like the idea.

    However, he's going to make changes... as does every new leaf GM. Let's just ride it out and see if he actually has 'ideas' in his head.

    Smith would've been great IMO. I'm a little disappointed that we never acquired him. Oh well.

    at least NFL starts next week.


    go panthers!

  22. diego

    diego TRIBE Member

    Wow he's the youngest Gm in the league. He's probably younger then half this team.

  23. *SiLver*RoBoT*

    *SiLver*RoBoT* TRIBE Member

    I think Gratton could have a great year if playing on a line with Doan.

    I'd protect either Gratton or Holmstrom.


  24. patri©k

    patri©k TRIBE Member

    Ferguson Jr. will soon learn what it's like to have the toughest and most thankless job in the NHL.


    I bet his hair goes grey real quick.

  25. diego

    diego TRIBE Member

    I was just reading some of Quinns comments.
    I have to believe that if the leafs don't do much this year he's gone. I mean he still seems to think he has some gm control and that just might be a problem. Maybe this time next year Quinns in say NY?

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