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The Streets & Lady Sovereign - Anyone Go?

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Streets put on a great show. Highly interactive with the crowd and got a relatively modest group jump'n up and down, amongst crouching "real low" and doing shots from his on-stage bar. Felt sorry for that poor bastard who chugged a full cup of Brandy. I think I saw them carrying him outta the place completely anihilated (couldn't walk, talk, etc). Hilarious when they knocked the shit out of that dude and his "girlfriend". They played a lot of the oldies, which I was very happy with, as I still think Original Pirate Material is their best album.

I was really looking forward to seeing Lady SOV, but only saw 3-4 tracks from her VERY short 20 some odd minute set. This show started RETARDLY EARLY. I arrived at 7:10pm and she was already more than half-way done and I'm pretty sure she went on at 7.

Nonetheless, it was good times and I'm very glad I went to check it out.



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very very very awesome show!

Lady S opened up, her set was short an sweet, half hour. The early show put a damper on things, tok ppl a while to get in the groove.

But nonetheless, the the streets was fucken amazing!!!! that's all.
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Sunne Dee

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went completly last minute and i'm so glad i did.

hands down one of the best live acts i have seen in years.

the last 20 minutes of the streets blew me away.
mike skinner ripped off his shirt and crowd surfed.

amazing performance!