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The strange and wonderful world of forums


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So I have been scouring the internet for forums to contact about my new ad network for forums, FORUMCAST and it has really been amazing. I imagined there were a lot of niche forums out there, but had no idea there are still so many awesome communities built around topics, hobbies, ideas. It's fantastic really...

A Canadian Canoe Trip planning forum! Welcome to Canadian Canoe Routes | Canadian Canoe Routes

Forums about cichlids, turtle ownership, home renovations, Canadian charter of rights issues, skydiving, powered hang gliding, tarot reading, rock collecting, the list is endless..

If you have any niche forums you frequent or visit on occasion, post their urls so I can have a look at them.


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This is the only forum I use regularly although there are a few I have been visiting for specific issues.

Toyota Nation Forum : Toyota Car and Truck Forums
Ford Forum - Enthusiast Forums for Ford Owners
Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums - Ford truck and SUV owners and enthusiasts Community And Information Source.
Blue Oval Forums, Ford Forum, Ford Owners

There are forums for literally every single brand and vehicle ever made - and many of them are very high volume.

DoItYourself.com Community Forums - Home Improvement & Home Repair Questions & Answers
DIY and Home Improvement Forum - DIYnot.com

I probably don't need to tell you about dslreports.com
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Thanks for those, I am now checking them out (the ones I didn't know about already)! I <3 forums!


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Still discovering new forums out there... There is actually a forum for people who work in nuclear plants:

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Two forums i find myself reading quite often by accident are:

Toytown Germany - for expats in Germany
SkyscraperCity - Powered by vBulletin - for architects and people who like skyline photos

Also occasionally DJ Tech Tools when i am stuck with DJ stuff or Notebook Review when i am stuck with laptop stuff.

I don't contribute to anything besides Tribe, though. I gave up on Gearslutz because they're so elitist and often simultaneously ignorant. I gave up on Sonicstate, Harmony Central and inthemix.com.au because everyone else did too.