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The Strain TV show


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I started watching this a few days ago reluctantly - I am not really a big fan of the horror / vampire genre - but about 3 episodes in, I was starting to like it. While it has a lot of cheezy 'going down into dark basements with a flashlight' moments, much of it seems to be shot in Toronto, and I always find it nice to see our city on TV shows, even if it is re-labelled New York City. I seem to know a lot of people in it as well! I recognize lots of the extras: I have already seen my neighbor Josh on Greenwood being killed by one of those neck sucking tongue snake things, and a woman I once dated is in the supporting cast LOL!

They even have Nazis! Covering all the bases.
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a good friend is involved and Guilermo del toro is behind it.
it's entirely shot in Toronto and it's a guilty pleasure of mind
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Just started too!

About 5 eps in. The 3+gig 1080p files I got are just gorgeous, the palette pops nicely with a lot of inky blacks letting vibrant colours pop. Seems there's a lot of cool blue lights in maintenance hallways and rooms though..;)

Haha i love it though... Good colour language for the show certainly.

Im in for the ride and highly entertained. Crazy to see our protagonist with hair in this role!
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