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The Stories of Tucker Max


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Originally posted by basketballjones
She was the absolute worst I’ve ever experienced. I’ve never even heard of girls worse at fellatio than Jayne. Her teeth were all over my dick, she had no rhythm, no enthusiasm, and had a mouth that mysteriously never got moist. It was awful.


Classic Tucker!!!

I vote Tucker Max as next US President.


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he says in the gay one...that he felt like a hot chick at the gay club
i have gay friends....AND THAT IS EXACTLY HOW I LIKENED IT TO>>...LOL
fuck me...i may have written this shit, if i didnt live in TO...LOL


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I camped myself around the keg and started drinking. And drinking. After about an hour of aggressively attacking the beer, I turned around and saw a girl so ugly I jumped from fear. I almost asked her why she was wearing her Halloween costume a week early, until I realized that this was what she looked like, that she wasn't wearing a mask. Her comment on seeing me jump--LITERALLY JUMP--when she walked in the door, "Did I scare you? It's OK, I get that reaction a lot." Her face looked like it caught on fire and someone beat it out with a rake.
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Haha Tucker Max Death Mix. We bought camelbacs for the sole purpose of making this drink and cruising around festivals/weddings/police auctions with it. Good times.