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the standard for the year - deep dish @ koolHaus


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wow...what was that??? unbelieveable sounds coming out of the koolhaus last night...a sample of what was heard

baz - smile to shine ... after some deep & dark house deep dish pull out some vocal sweetness...had everyone going crazy...

some oldies - sneaker pimps - spin spin sugar...stardust - music sounds better with you (played this one out for about 15 minutes, taking out the low ends, & bringing it back in again...

some serious breaks, including a funky remake of somebodys watching me...& finishing off the 6th encore just after 7 w/ driving to heaven (i have to say i wasn't the biggest fan of the track until now

saeed & palash & luke fair got us warmed up with great music...

have to get some sleep...good to see everyone out & having a blast!!! hopefully this is a sign of some things to come in 2002...



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Good God! I was not ready for that. Last night was simply amazing. Everything was good about the night.

I've seen Deep Dish a total of four times and this night was by far the best set I've heard from them. From the first track they dropped till when I left the music was just unreal. So much new stuff I've never heard. There was this one new one with this beautiful vocal played during the first half that I absolutely must have. I wish I could have stayed till the end, but I was just so exhausted. But props to DD for blowing me away.

Saeed & Palash were pretty good. Nothing special still pretty good.

Luke Fair must have been the happiest guy in the world last night. DD played a couple of his tracks and they were going off to them in the booth. Congratulations Luke! You deserve all the success thats coming your way. Great opening set by him too. Perfect opening tracks.

The Kool Haus venue was done up properly courtesy of B&H. Kudos! The rotating DJ booth was kinda cool, but I would hate to be the DJ. Crowd was rocking. It was the perfect size too, filled up, but not uncomfortable. Fine honeys. Pornstars anyone? Great seeing all the usual peeps. See you all soon.


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I'm kinda tired now and I have to go to work soon, so this is going to be short and sweet....

I had one of the best nights I've had in a really LONG time, and it was well needed! The music was incredible and I could not stand still, no matter how hot I was.
Definately plenty of room to dance, and the rotating dj booth in the middle made it a little more intimate and just too good!

I was in really good company and this also made a big difference!
and it was really nice to meet a few of you!



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All I have to say is PURE FUCKING heaven on earth
...I have to tip my chapeau to B&H for the great setup...I loved the rotating booth...I noticed it was spinning a wee bit fast at first but they slowed it down so that it would fuck up the DJ and that everyone can still watch them work...I was worried that it would get packed in the Koolhaus because they reduced the size of the venue but there was lots of room to move around.

I MUST thank Steve I.
for getting me & my friends in the VIP area.Those seats were VERY comfy.

I kinda wished that B&H displayed the DJ names on the overhead screens because I didn't have a clue who the opening DJs were.I know NOW thanx to the posting from DJ cheezwiz...You guys were awesome

Deep dish was simply amazing...we left around 4ish because we were tired but I would have loved to hear some of those oldschool tracks mentioned...One track that I really like but not sure of the title had a very DEEP synthed voice with a repeating line that sorta sounded like "...i think i'm in space..." ANY help would be appreciated..

ANyway it was a last minute thing to go this event as we were very tired from the previous night out @ System but I am SO glad the we went...and the fact that I got in for free (thanx Natalie
) ....now I'm off to make some toast ......mmmmmmmm toooooooooast.....

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I hate how difficult it is to convey on a message board, how good a party was. I wonder if my measly words can accurately describe what I want to say.

But what am I worried about....?
You should have been there!

Once again, the Kool Haus has proven to be warm and inviting. I loved the lowered stage. I love being so close to the DJ! All the little things about space that make a party good, were happening last night. Not too crowded, not too hot, and I would be complaining about the lack of seating, but I was shaking my ass the whole time!

I got in at 11:50. And I missed Luke Fair
, although I'm sure he was wikkid! Congratulations! You must have been the happiest guy last night! Saeed & Palash were short and sweet. Sweet because they were short? Probably.

Deep Dish was out of this world! They had me dancing the whole night. I haven't danced that hard in so long. Their set was hard and funky. Just the way I like it. They didn't make me wait too long, and once I was there, they made sure I stayed.

Nice to see everyone. I know you all had fun, cause everytime I looked around, I only saw some wickedly happy party people.




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Stupid sprained ankle
It seems like I've missed the benchmark party of 2002 because of you! For them to pull out the old school tracks the party must have been kicking. What I'd give to feel the bassline of Spin Spin Sugar once again...


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yea.. agreed.. that bassline kicks ass!

cant wait for next saturday..
Deep Dish again...woohoo

wow.. we're getting spoiled

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well that was a great night out for sure! i didn't know what to expect because i haven't been diggin the DD sound as of late and was pretty much prepared to be standing asleep most of the night...glad i was wrong.

we got in a little after midnight to hear salash bangin it out with some nice prog, enough to nod the ol noggin but not really reaching that 'ass shakin' level. met up with the gang of rapscallions that post on this board for some shmoozing and whatnot as palash came to the decks and played some deep dark stuff that are excellent for home listening but really dont do it for me in a club. i dance for a bit , get bored, stop and look at some of the freaks around me, laugh, then try and do it all over again

next up were deep dish..i never bothered to look at who was on t what moment, ali or sharam, they were both kickin some serious ass last night! my dear jesus they were playing a lot of sweet sweet tracks with so much variety it was hard not to be interested in what was going down. there was the standard prog, tribal, trancesque acidy lines, beautiful vocals, DIRTY sexy vocals, groove house beats...fuck it was just so good. my legs and feet were killing me but i just couldn't stop dancing. best deep dish set i've ever experienced...much better than their last 'warehouse' experience

the setup inside was very cool..the rotating dj booth in the middle of the dance floor made the traffic slow much better as well everyone could see the djs easily. the crowd was big but not annoyingly so. did anyone else notice how each end of the place had it's own feel? one side was pure barstars, strippers and meatheads and the other was us regular folk...worked well for me

good to see some smiling familiar faces all around and big ups to sam for coming with me, it was well worth it my friend.


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i never post event reviews but something has to be said for last night.

i haven't heard one night so complete with quality music in i don't know how long... i'm glad the lighting guy came to his senses(probably after hearing too many complaints) because up until about 1:30 it was:
*flash flash flash flash flash*
hmmm... what can i do next?
*flash flash flash flash flash*
wicked! now some of this...
*flash flash flash flash flash*

it was terrible. but the lighting for me was the only bad part of the night. the crowd was decent, and the music...

luke is brilliant at warming up- tight funky warm vibe- everyone was digging it even if it hadn't filled up yet and noone was really dancing- not a comment on the music whatsoever. ending off with "deep south" was perfect.

i'm not sure who was spinning when but saeed/palash were phenomenal- much better that both times i saw them last year. there was a track dropped @1:30... i thought the walls were going to come down- the darkest most original funk i have ever heard.

the transition from s&p to deep dish was smooth as silk- and the first hour of their set was (excuse the cliches) pure bliss. it carried on like this right up until about 4:30 and then mellowed out for awhile- still an amazing night. i fear i wont be that impressed for a long time.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by JayIsBored:
did anyone else notice how each end of the place had it's own feel? one side was pure barstars, strippers and meatheads and the other was us regular folk...worked well for me
Yes! I totally noticed that. I was just walking around and all of a sudden I realized that one end felt so much better than the other....



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i don't know what else i could say besides what's already been said.

it was a last minute decision, and i'm so glad i went. fuckin wikkid!!!

oh, and what a surprise to have the tribe corner in front of the speaker instead of by the bar (all you damn lushes). it was nice seeing everyone shake their booty.
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by JayIsBored:
did anyone else notice how each end of the place had it's own feel? one side was pure barstars, strippers and meatheads and the other was us regular folk...worked well for me

Which side was which? In the beginning I was all over the place then finally I parked myself near the back right speakers (when facing the stage where the dj booth normally is).

Ming: I think I saw you walked by.



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salash=saeed hmmph

and pete the right side (where the 3 bars are) was normalville, the left side (with all the couches) was meatropolis


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Benson and Hedges doing it up proper.

Venue was gorgeous. Crowd was very, very cool. Luke started it off right getting the crowd nodding their heads. Saeed and Palash brought up the tempo right to that point where the party just took off like a rocket when Deep Dish came on.

Alas that is when I had to leave what was one of the best parties I've been to in a long, long, looooooooong time..

Priorities...sniff! sniff!

Hope everyone I saw had lots of fun.


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Damn, now I'm really regreting not going. Oh well, shit happens.

BTW, Mark Scaife was dropping some nasty progressive tech funk in the basement of Element.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by lift:

ending off with "deep south" was perfect.
i just feel more and more bitter the more i read. so i think i should stop.
damn you all!!!!
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I really, really blew it by not going. I wasn't sure about it, but everyone is saying what an awsome night it was. It's interesting to see how sometimes everything turns out great, the music, the crowd, the venue, the decor etc. Cheers to all that enjoyed themselves.



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Well I can't really add much to what's been said here. Always great to see a good crew out. Nice meeting new folks (blingster, kul-kat, chrisd). Deep Dish definitely impressed me. Far better than the other two times I've seen them (System & Inside).

Nuff respect to Jay for scoring us free tickets! Thanks again bro.. definitely worth the trip as you said.

- Sam


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i didn't do enough respect in my post to the many friendly & smiling faces @ koolhaus last night...it is always a pleasure going & hanging out with each & everyone of you...the night was fabulous, but being able to share it with everyone makes it truly special...thanks to everyone who helped make my night one of the best ever...to the breathe crew, to the tribe kids it's always a blast, thanks !!!!



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That was THE best set!
I don't normally enjoy parties at the Warehouse (I *refuse* to acknowledge it by any other name) but they had the room done up so nicely it really made the night that much better. That's one KILLER sound system!
Didn't really pay too much attention to Saeed and Palash (read: too drunk) but for the short while I was dancing they were kicking it pretty funky.

Deep Dish - what can I say. Ground stomping good times
Havent' danced that hard in quite sometime -- I was pounding the floor so hard I thought I was going to break an ankle.

There's really nothing better in this world than a night surrounded in the company of great friends with a soundtrack that fits it all SO well.

K/W next weekend? I THINK SO


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I have decided not to write a "proper" review for this show.....I haven't read anyone elses review yet but I am sure everyone has already stated what needs to be said.

I, however, must make a point of writing the following:

1) Tonight left me in aural wonder. Tonight was about the music. Tonight, I was instantly overcome with pure joy over the music travelling to my ear. To say the least Deep Dish are "Eargasmic!" I found myself bellowing with laughter, snickering, giggling, and smiling as if I just won the lottery. Folks, dis shit wuz good. All of this goodnes was because of the solid set laid down on the decks. This is how a party should be!

2) Spin Spin Sugar - nuff said

3) Music Sounds Better With You - thumpin' as if I heard it for the first time

4) I Always Feel Like....Somebody's Watching Me - Rockwell Remix (that's remix with triple x)

5) I danced so much I am sure I broke my ankles. How much does it cost to get someone to reconnect my Achillies Tendons?

6) Well behaved and good looking crowd. Friendliness everywhere!

7) I was still smiling as I crawled into bed.
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