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The Squelchy World of the 303 - A mid Tempo Examination


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I do apologise but i'm afraid you have to go through the faff of renaming it to .mp3 once you've downloaded, it is not a zip file and will not open as such.


Air Liquide - Electronic Dub - Blue
Frequency X - Listen - Popular
CTI - Elemental 7 - Doublevision
Plastikman - Lastrax - Plus 8
Spacetime Continuum - Transient Generator - Astralwerks
Luke Vibert - I love Acid - Warp
Quaid - Cascade - Seraphim
Plastikman - Plastique - Plus 8
Sound Patrol Orchestra - Tripping Among the Stars
Sysex - Our Planet

Most of the tracks i have let play in their entirety just because they are so fucking good...

Well, I think so anyway, hence there isn't a list of 150 tracks all mixed in a 35 minute spot a la DnB or mindless techno.

Errr enjoy :)