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The Splattermonkey Show! Funk, Soul, Hip Hop, and whatever I pull outta my crates.


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Here's a link to Episode # 5!


Some classic and instant classic underground True School Hip Hop and Scratch tracks! All head nodders, start your nodding. This ones for my writers, my real graffiti writers!
Pop this episode on your iPod's, grab your bag of Spray Cans and caps, Do-Rags, and Hoodies and go bomb the suburbs! Here's the track list...

Artist / Song Title

Danger Mouse & Murs / to a Black Boy
Madvillian / Curls
Lootpack / Questions
Voice / LA Contradiction
Lal / Saturn (Dimlite Remix)
iNSiDEaMiND / The Tiniest Spy (Circle Research Remix)
DJ Vadim / How to Exercise the Turntable Record Player
Kid Koala / Tracks etc.. / Slew Test 1 / Lunch With Pavlov
Rob Swift / Interview with Colored Man feat. Supernatural & DJ Radar
Jurrassic 5 / Lesson 6 : The Lecture
DJ Vadim / 4 My Writers feat. Juice
Madlib's remix of Donald Byrd's / Distant Land
Damian Marley / Road To Zion feat. Nas
Smif-n-Wessun / Bucktown (Da Beatminerz mix)
The Fugees / Ready or Not (Clark Kent / Django Remix)
A Tribe Called Quest / Who Got The Funk feat. S.O.S. & Godfather Don
Spearhead / Hole in the Bucket
The Geto Boys / Damn it Feels Good To Be a Gangster
Leon Haywood / I Wanna Do Something Freaky to You

To listen to past episodes go to http://splattermonkey.podomatic.com

See You Next Week!