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The Special Blend - Canadian Mix


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The Special Blend - Canadian Mix is a weekly radioshow on 100.7 and club246.com Saturday's from 1.00am-2:00am that showcases The best local and national DJ's from across Canada...

Tonights(febuary 7th, 2004) Broadcast will Feature:

Hatiras (Blow Media, Hatiras.com, IHR - Toronto)

Tracklistings will be provided on a weekly basis so check in this thread or club246.com and remember to Keep it locked on club246/100.7fm where united we play!
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SPCE001 - Hatiras(Blow Media, Hatiras.com, IHR)


01. Intro - Vocodude
02. Running - Hatiras
03. It Was - Hatjak
04. The Anthem - Hatiras
05. Beatfreaker - Steve Smooth (David Garcia & Jay Walker Remix)
06. Bust A Nut - Urban
*Beats, Flows & Hoes - Tony Senghore & Baby Ark (Accapella)
07. Cumin' Thru Your Speaker - Alex Peace (Hatiras Remix)
08. Bubbles - Synthique
09. Hey Chica - Tony Senhore (Derrick Carter Remix)
10. Chaos Bringer - Jelo (Hatiras Remix)
*This - DJ Bam Bam featuring Alex Peace (Accapella)
11. All Touch - Carole Pope (Hatiras Remix)
12. Got To Just - Yug
13. The Way He Plays - Paul Johsnon (Dub)
*Set It Off - Hatiras (Accapella)
14. Instinct - Louis Botella (Saturday Night Mix)
15. Costa Del Sol - Bad Boy Bill (Sol Remix)
16. Searchin' - Hatjak
17. Fly - M1

*indicates Track Overlapped


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SBCE002 - Jon Trembley (System soundbar, Activate)

01. Nubreed presents Dirty Fours – Depth
02. Shiloh – Baby (brutal mix)
03. Dan F – Line of Sight (infusion’s crosshair mix)
04. Rnd – Ripples (jondi & spesh remix)
06. Invisible Inc – Stars
07. Unknown – Unknown
08. Forbidden Planet – Ecoute La Musique
09. Infusion – Girls can be Cruel (infusion remix)
10. Meizon – Aeion (perc mix)


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Tonights(feb. 26th) Guest Mix:

DJ KWE (urban indian Productions, CareerDJ)

Forthcoming guests:

Adam Nathan
Richard Raiban
Micheal Drury


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Track Listing for Feb 26th


1. Only – Aquanote Original – Naked Music
2. Feeling the night – More Candy EP – Kaskade
3. Lakeshore Dr – Halo, When House Was EP – Bluemrecordings
4. He loves me – Jill Scott – Hidden Beach Recordings
5. New Jersey Deep (swag rmx) – Black Science Orchestra
6. People From Mars – Roy Davis Jr. - Earth, Moon & Sun Recordings
7. Wonderlust (U Dirty EP) - Lawnchair Generals – Westbound Recordings
8. Love & Music – White Label
9. People Get Up – Desardi – Active Pass Recordings
10. Can’t Get Enough – Jazzngroove – Soulfuric
11. That Latin Track – DJ Vitamin D – Loaded
12. Former Destiny – HardSoul – Prog City
13. Good For The Soul – DJ Jes – Afterhours
14. We All Love Sax – Tim Deluxe – Underwater
15. Pick Me Up – Rick’s Fiery Incantation – Afterhours
16. Deeper Underground – Jamiroquai - Sony
17. Happy – Rick’s Gruuvessential Message, Afterhours

this weeks (March 6th) Guest:

Deko-ze (Balance, Release Records, System Soundbar)
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Nice job Bill...keep reachin...are you still doing Apothecary on Fridays? I'd like to come and see you!


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SPCE004- Deko-ze (Balance/promote, Release Records)


1. Kylie Minogue - Slow (radio Slave Edit)
2. Lisa German - Let It Go
3. Judy Cheecks (huxton whores mix)
4. Tune 500 - Dancin In the Dark
5. Snap! - Rhythm Is A Dancer (deko-ze Mix)
6. David Guetta - Just a little more love (Wally Lopez Mix)
7. Numodel Army - Your So Beautiful (sugarpussy mix)
8. Satoshi Tomiie - Scandel in New York (dub mix)
9. Freeland - We want your soul (infusion mix)
10. Ashanti - Rock with you (Aramnd Van Helden mix)
11. George Mike - Causal Sex(loosehead mix, Deko-ze re edit)
12. James Harcourt - Hysteria ( D. Ramirez Mix)
13. D. Ramerize & Pete Simpson - Freaque On
14. Superchumbo - This Beat is (Body Mix
15. Monica So gone (scumfrog mix)
16. Who Da Funk & Cindy Torres - Radio(dub Mix)
17. Geri Halliwell - unkown (sharp Razor Dub)

Thanks to Deko-ze and Ad Freaks

This Weeks Guest (March 13th):
Richard Raiban (House Addict, Release records)


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Tracklisting For Richard Raiban:


this weeks (March 20th) Guest:

SYDNEY BLU (Film Lounge)


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Originally posted by DJ TRO
yea I am KWE hope to see you out...thanks for the support it means alot:D

**See you tonight Bill...I'll have flyers for you too...and a special surprise**

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Tracklisting for Sydney Blu (March 19th):

1. Elements – Danny Tenaglia (Timo bootleg)
2. So Loud (we try to make it) – Danlele Tignino (Electribal Mix)
3. Stand – Jewel (Scumfrog Mix)
4. Vibrate – Big Black Boot (Paranoid Jack’s 20% Mix)
5. Enjoy The Silence – Depeche Mode (Twisted Bootleg)
6. Preacher – Brown Sugar
7. Jo-Wacca – S. Mattara
8. Tibetan Rhythm – effect Drum
9. Chango – Adonis Alvarez (Dr Kucho Rmx)
10. Phat Dope Shiht – (Saeed Rmx)
11. Marco Bellini – Dirty Standard
12. White Flag – DIDO – (Scumfrog Rmx)
13. Switch Fluke (Marco Bellini Rmx)

This Weeks Guest (April 3rd):

DJ Slimm (London Lounge Hamilton)


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Tracklisting For DJ Slimm (april 3rd):


This Weeks Guest (April 10th):

Matt Cooleridge- System Soundbat, soulutions, Release


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Don't forget to tune into Part 2 of Matt Cooleridge this saturday night @ 1 AM

Forthcoming guests include:

Jerome Robbins


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thanks to everyone for the imput and props wicked guests lined up for the summer some bad boy tunes and some hype canadian Jocks gracing the airwaves...keep it locked on 100.7 - club246!

Tonights Guest (May 1st):

Jerome Robbins (Release Records)

don't forget to tune in tonight for some bangin upfront progressive. only on 100.7FM from 1-2 am

Forthcoming guests:

Nathen Barato
Jay Tripwire
Adam Nathen
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Ok Folks after the few weeks of repeats we're back on course

TrackListing For Martin Villeneuve (June 9th):

Stereomovers - Soul Sweeper - Dark mix - Tao (100% cancon)
Murk - Time - Chab mix - Subversive
Brahma - Even Flow - Kingkade mix - Toes In The Sand Rec
Adon Bulger - Casa Bulga - Manana
unknown - Chus & Cebalos mix
MV - Come Back To Me - Joystick music (100% cancon)
Chris Micali - L'Evasion - Fade


For the Next Few Weeks We're gonna take the show to a different angle Starting with a Tech-house/funky Techno Set with a twist. Then Followed By Some Dub Reggae Plates.

After those two shows were going to take you on an electronic Journey With a very Special Mix from A Toronto Based Group that includes all Original Production!!!!

I'm Really Excited and I know you The listeners will be Just as excited to see TRO's Special Blend Take /100/7FM to new heights and into a whole new sound!

Don't Forget to tune in to TRO's Special Blend @ it's NEW TIME Weds After The Jelo Show...Only on CLUB 246/CHIN - Toronto CJLL 97.9 - Ottawa !!!!