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The Souljazz Orchestra (Velvet Underground)


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Super-sweet surprise to even find out about this yesterday. Tight fucking horn madness! Straight goods. Proper grooves. New album is KILLER! Danced me wee arse off. TUSH opened. Phat stuff and super-fun energy. I did not know that Jamie Kidd was in a band - or that he played the bass (never mind the fact that he plays it well!!!!). Nice treat. Thanks for that. ;)

Jason Palma provided DJ support before and after. Obviously, dropped some gems. Y’now? Like Jason Palma can, with friggin’ crates like his. So nice.

Props to the friendly folks at the venue. Been awhile since I hit that area. Keep that shit up! :)
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fucking cool man. Better if you actually put it together. Leave it to people like me.

Just playing other peoples shit isn't a review at all.