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The Sopranos - Final Episodes

Metal Morphosis

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videotronic said:
i had to scream at some poor cab driver this morning to get him to turn the radio off...they were talking about "thousands of disappointed fans crashing...." and i figured they were talking about HBOs website

i nearly scared him half to death..haha

haha. i had to totally 'insulate' myself from the media today b/c i couldn't watch last night's episode. luckily i became a professional at media insualtion during the basketball season when i would have to pvr raptors games for some reason or other. Anyway - i couldn't WAIT to get home from work today to dive into the final episode. When it ended at first i was like ".....uh fuck!" but i'm fine now and i think it was well done. Overall -the series is still top notch in my books. I'll be super happy to buy the box set someday.


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Just watched it now. I hands down think it was the best Sopranos episode.

Dr Trance said:
Phil Leotardo. Best whacking ever.
The last scene:maybe the most pulse-pounding non-action scene ever.

But what was with the whole parallel parking fiasco?

I think the parking scene was an intelligent way of adding to the stress level by showing a stressful situation. The episode in general was heart pounding.
Great ending scene with Paulie and Tony, sad seeing what the old crew had become.
What a great end to a fantastic series.


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I don't get this:

Not from Chase, but I feel the need to debunk the e-mail that's making the rounds about all the Holsten's patrons being characters from earlier in the series. The actor playing Member's Only guy had never been on the show before, Tony killed at least, one if not both of his carjackers, and there are about 17 other things wrong with this popular but incorrect theory.

So how did this theory start then???



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the more I watch that last scene, the more I think it's a dream sequence... the quick cut of tony sitting down back/forth, and what the fuck is with the restaurant? football diner? what's that all about? Tony's shirt looks like one he used to wear in first Season...

What do the boy scouts from train store symbolize? Code of honour, brotherhood, "THIS THING WE'RE IN" (the mob), "scouts honour" (Tony says this a lot doesn't he?)?


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"...dont' stop..."

i wouldn't have thought journey a logical choice for tony's last jukebox pic but whateva. sad to see the show go. :(

i guess the last verse makes some sense...

'Working hard to get my fill,
Everybody wants a thrill
Payin anything to roll the dice,
Just one more time
Some will win, some will lose
Some were born to sing the blues
Oh, the movie never ends
It goes on and on and on and on'



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Metal Morphosis said:
"...the Fuck you want?!? A boutonniere?!?"
I take back this statement. I have since watched the episode again and agree that it was very well done. Not great but well done.


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agentRC4 said:
I take back this statement. I have since watched the episode again and agree that it was very well done. Not great but well done.

You are probably in the majority.
Seems everyone wanted some sort of permanent closure , and once you got over the initial shock and analyzed the whole thing , it was pretty well done.


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the reason why they left it so open ended is because how do you do justice to a show like that, how do you end it ?

finales are always done horribly, so he just ended it, no muss no fuss, and 90% of what theorists are surmising is just that surmising
no on knows what the end signified, and i doubt we will ever find out

but it does keep the sopranos on everyones lips and minds


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I think "Frasier" had a wonderful series finale. actually, the whole season was top notch.

The Sopranos one was good. I like the explanation which references Bobby asking Tony if you hear the shot that kills you and someone says you probably just see black, and thats what Tony saw. we kept getting shots of Tony, and Tony's perspective back and forth. and the last shot was to be Tony's perspective. and I think it was. all black. nighty night.


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okay, I am obviously in the minority here...but truth to tell the last two seasons, included the manipulative and effete twadlle of Sunday night, was absolute dreck

great show for 5 seasons. dreary, forgettable meandering for two more.

bring on The Wire


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I expected a non-closure ending, and I got one. I agree with Tonedeff that things were not going all too well with the series after S4, but the final eps did redeem it in my eyes a bit.

I shall now second the bringing on of the last season of the best thing HBO ever produced.


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that's a lot of fucking writing and his thoughts are all over the place.. i could barely get past the first page or so.


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hmmm, that is an interesting analysis. I don't know much about The Godfather movies or Catholicism, but the bit about the onion rings was fun!


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deep said:
I haven't read this yet but the guy who wrote this interpretation of the finale was a former Jeopardy champ, so the fact finding in it must be at least half decent: http://www.bobharris.com/content/view/1406/1

Awesome. I liked most of the stuff around colour saturation (or desaturation rather), the cat, onion rings; it all seems to make sense. It feels like he is reaching on a few things, but he also points that out. Either way, this is the best summary I have heard yet.


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we're still talking about...
people have changed their minds from "i hate it" to "best ending ever"...
david chase is a genius.

Vincent Vega

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"In Catholicism, administration of the Eucharist in the moments before death is known as Viaticum, derived in part from the Latin for… “Journey.” "

:O :O :O

By far the best of the "what do you thinks" that I've read. But I wonder if the guy who wrote it is in some way (closely) connected to the show. No way anyone can come up with all that independently.


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I have since seen the episode again, and agree that is technically well done...still not sold on the writing and narrative, however.

speaking of Pine Barrens, I would have to say that that is probably my favourite episode from the second half of series...


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Just watched the final episode.

I feel uber disappointed, but there's probably more value than Im realizing - I'll need to watch it again.