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the smell of natural gas...


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I turned my gf's oven on, and it didnt work.

now, however, her apt smells like nat gas.

but the oven isn't on. any idea on what to do?

(the stove is nat gas, and both elements are lit, but not in the on position)
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either stop eating beans or don't light a match. are you sure theres not gas leaking from the stove now? go to the stove and smell carefuly. also, are you getting dizzy or anything. you might want to (carefuly) crack a window.
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if it continues, call the gas company. you could always try to harness the leak into some cool video footage
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Useless Fact: Natural gas is odorless. The smell comes from a chemical the gas company adds so you can tell there is a leak.


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SpaceBabe said:
Yah I thought this was gonna be a fart thread!


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call the gas company and tell them you think there's a leak. they'll have an emergency dude there immediately. if you tell them anything else it'll be two days before you see anyone. better safe than sorry.


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When I was living at Queen and Spadina I came home one Sunday night to find a bit of a gas smell in the apartment - electric heat/stove in the place so it had to be the King Shawarma place downstairs. There was a little hole in our staircase wall that looks into the restaurant - stuck my nose up to it, sure enough. Called 911, evacuated the building (my brother and roommate, neighbours) and waited about 3 minutes for the Fire Dep't to arrive. They came in with a sniffer and couldn't find much in our apartment but when they sniffed at the hole, that was all they needed so they used a ripper to pull the lock off the store's door - meanwhile there were six fire trucks outside and they cordoned off Queen St. from Spadina to one block west, TTC super arrived and coordinated diverting streetcars south to King St.... They determined the pilot light had gone out on the donair thingy - next thing was to shut off the gas, and get a fan working to clear the air... We had to wait about an hour and a half before we could go back inside - this was like, late october. Brr. Good response, though.