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The Smackdown W/ Bryan Cox


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A new monthly show featuring Weapon and Elixir Records bad boy Bryan Cox. Every month a mix of old, new and unreleased filtered house gems


Bryan Cox: Smackdown March 06

1 Dom G Rockin' The Beat (Bryan Cox Remix) ????
2 Bryan Cox Break You Off Weapon
3 Bryan Cox Donkey Punch Weapon
4 Umek ? Intec
5 Bootek Booteck Booteck
6 Andy Slate Dance To The Sound ????
7 Marco G. Poca De La Machine ????
8 Andy Slate Pressure On Me ????
9 Kid Icarus To The Top (Bryan Cox Remix) Elixir
10 Bootek Booteck Booteck
11 Boriqua Tribez Passion Intec
12 Johnny P. Tune Inn (Bryan Cox Remix) TeknoFunk
13 Paul Anthony Everybody Dance (Bryan Cox Remix) ????
14 Umek ? Earresistable