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The Skinny On The Vestax Vinyl Cutter!

Mike Richards

TRIBE Member
This Just In..........

It is confirmed that 3 Vestax VRX-2000 Vinyl Cutters are coming into Ontario. 2 are pre-sold and that leaves one with no deposit on it. This is the ultimate piece for anyone with a small mastering studio or production studio that wants dubplates that will last a lot longer than acetate. The only unit sold so far in Ontario is being used by a guy that is getting all the business associated with it. If you want a piece of this market than this is for you. Yes that's right this machine cuts records (vinyl ones)! This is just a heads up to anyone serious about getting some more info on this piece. The price is $14999CDN and is warranteed in Canada. I don't expect this unit to last long considering the waiting list worldwide for these things. Call me at (905)792-9578 ext 24 and I will be more than happy to give you more info.