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The Sensational Sunday Thread

Temper Tantrum

TRIBE Member
So tribers what's on the agenda today?

Going to hit the gym in a bit then brunch and the movies then some studying. I'm much more looking forward to the chick flick and the food then the rest of it :D

Penny Lane

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Coffee and the paper so far...
But Grandma's babysitting tonight so the hubby and I can get out of the house. Dinner and movie date night! And I know that the whole time I'll be thinking about my munchkin. :(

Ditto Much

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Temper Tantrum said:
So tribers what's on the agenda today?

Well during the evening the ceiling in my living room opted to collapse. So currently I have a solid layer of plaster and dust covering my living room.

Looks like today is going to be clean up day. Well that and maybe a few stiff drinks while I debate the reality of my circumstance.



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Just woke up after a wonderful 10 hour sleep..... Today, we are doing NOTHING but watch movies.. (well, I still have to vacuum and wash the floors in the condo).

It's damned cold out today!


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I'm thinking of going climbing or bouldering this morning.

Then it's floor hockey game #2 this afternoon - I can't wait!! :)
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i burned a hole in my oven mitt making myself a fritatta this morning. i left it on the burner and left hte burner on after i put it in the oven. :(

today i plan to: grocery shop; phone conversation with the organizers re: performing for the erotic art festival at the gladstone in february; do some work helping out planning the next Night at the Indies; book my hotel room for DEMF; visit a friend's new apartment.

2 of those things involve leaving the house, which i don't want to do because a) it's cold and b) the history of new music on edge is "sex and drugs" themed today, so i'm finding it quite interesting. i think i want to read the marilyn manson autobiography now.
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i'm going skiing! trying to figure out the best clothing combination so that i don't freeze to death!

first though, coffee and a decent and hearty breakfast! :) weeee!


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It was soooooooo cold walking the puppy in the park this morning. But I'm ready for a day of brunch with friends, movies, and getting some projects around the apartment done.


Well-Known TRIBEr
alan cross said there's stories involving groupies in there that he wouldn't be able to begin to talk about on the radio. that interests me!

i kinda don't want to be all productive today, i want to fool around on the internet and listen to history of new music and then smoke weed and finish watching heroes when it's over.

i'm loving heroes! i'm on episode 13 now. too bad some of them can't act, but it's a pretty entertaining show and i can plow through it because i've got pushing up daisies downloaded to watch next.
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^^^did you just post that from your phone? loser!

We just got back from Kindergym about an hour ago, had a uyummy coffee and now just waiting for G to wake up. (I could go for a nap myself)

We'd love to go buy our bed today. *wishful thinking*


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Been up since 8:00 after falling asleep at 10:30 last night. Not much on the agenda today. We were going to see Cloverfield but, after discovering how cold it is outside, decided hibernating was a way better idea.

The biggest excursion of the day (for breakfast and then to the video store) has already happened. Soon it's just the couch, the man and the pup. Perfect afternoon. :)


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My initial plan was to take a wee trip to Ikea to buy a full length mirror, but laziness has won out over vanity.

New plan: a whole lot of nothing, interspersed with eating and watching Dexter.

Hawk Eye

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'rents are coming to move more of my stuff
and if my friends end up going to 'the main event' to watch
the football game i might join them but if not..ill just hang here
watch a movie/relax.
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Just had dim sum downtown and back in the warm house.

Today is a terrible day to be outside cuz of the cold. FUCK it is freezing out there. brrrrrrr


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Just got back from the Markham Bridal show at the Angus Glen Golf Club. Quite a small affair since it cost only $5 to get in but it was nice to see some local vendors and it actually turned out to be helpful.

Now I am at home getting cozy again because good lord is it cold out there!


TRIBE Member
Just polishing off another cup of coffee.
Cleaned up my bedroom already, and started the dishes.

This afternoon I will make muffins, watch football, and study for french.
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