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the saint of fort washington


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this movie was on late sunday night on city tv. i watched most of it, but it got to be around 2am and i had to get up in the morning so i turned it off.
has anyone else seen it? and if so can you tell me how it ended please.


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At the end of the movie some police try and force Danny and Matt to go to the shelter (because of a freezing warning) where the evil homeless guy is. Danny makes a break for it and Matt gets carted off. Matt helps out a newly homeless guy at the shelter when the bully tries to rob him. Matt tries to sneak out of the shelter but the bully catches up to him, stabs and kills him. Danny comes running up to the shelter right then because he realized he ditched his buddy. When they go to bury Matt, Danny sneaks along and puts all his photos on top of his coffin. There's also a scene of a bunch of small baby size coffins (sad).

Bumbaclat <-- new Tribe movie guy


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thats so sad

it was definitly a good movie but very sad.
thanks for the help!
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