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the Rich Get Richer


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the Rich Get Richer

Money – that’s what they want and that’s what they’ve got.

While some of us scrimp and pinch to make ends meet, other Canadians are rolling around in piles of cash.

The Canadian Business magazine has released its annual tally of the country’s 100 most affluent citizens. And Kenneth Thomson and family, based in Toronto, come in on top with $21.67 billion.

There’s a significant jump between Thomson and the next person on the extravagant ranking. Bakery and grocery giant Galen Weston came in second place with $9.2 billion.

Trotting in at number three is Jeff Skoll, the co-founder of the Internet auction site eBay with $4.63 billion.

And it looks like Celine Dion’s bank balance goes on. She made the cut this time around and is said to be worth $320 million, which is up from a total of $305 million last year.

Right now Canada’s wealthiest are basking in the glow of their good fortune and good news. A writer with the magazine said that in recent years, the rich might have worried that their enormous mountains of money might be dwindling a bit because of troubles in the tech industry and the impact of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

But Zena Olijnyk said they bounced back in 2003. The total net worth of our rich is $120.5 billion, which is an increase of 8.5 percent from last year’s figure.



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These people have all the money in the world, but there's
one thing they can't buy. A dinosaur!
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well, if you get off your lazy ass and do something with yourself, then maybe one day they feature you in the magazine.
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Birds = dinosaurs.

Arbitrary distinctions separate direct descendents into a different clade, but otherwise absolutely true.


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Originally posted by ChrisD
Bakery and grocery giant Galen Weston came in second place with $9.2 billion.

i indirectly work for Galen Weston.

fack, i want some of that!


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Originally posted by PosTMOd
The truly rich aren't featured in magazines.

Too true, but sometimes it's fun to dream of unlimited monetary resources and throngs of fans eagerly anticipating reading your latest interview to find out whether you're a boxers-man, or a briefs-man.

But I just settle for minimum wage and Tribe postings cuz I'm already there.

Evil Dynovac

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Re: Re: the Rich Get Richer

Originally posted by Aleks
GALEN Weston.

Show me a boy named GALEN and I'll show you a father who loved his Dungeons & Dragons.

Q: How many Galens does it take you to get your lunch money?

A: One, if he's the second richest boy in Canada.