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The return of the adeventures of swilly


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Leaving for montreal in 18 hours yaaaaaaaaaaaaaayy

adios ontario va a montreal para la manana

Got 10 cans of stella a mixmag and PVD at amensia for the journey

Just hope people are responsive to me talking with them on the bus. I hate it when people just want to sit and not talk why???? WHy travel if there is no talking its stupid. Half the fun is chatting with random people on public transit its good interclass socialization i say

Hope my spanish can help me in montreal asniethier my english or french is very good
hasta lago tribers

PS does anyone know if there is a H&M in montreal?
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Originally posted by deep
yeah everyone loves bus crazies who try talking to them

ya its differnt though when they are cute!!! Like me
we talk on trains planes but not the bus that often
why i wonder
oh well time to break down barriers?
you can drink on grey hound i hope!!!

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Originally posted by Vote Quimby
Didn't you know that Montreal is really a Latino town? Your spanish will go a loooong way there. ;)

Muy biene blanca tipo

hahah JK quimberino