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the return of limelight wednesdays!!!


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all i gots to say is, woo hoo!!! limelight wednesdays are back. and thank freakin' god!

what a fun nite last nite! how can you go wrong with no cover for ladies before midnite, free parking at adelaide and university, $2.50 drinks, funky breaks and amazing people??? so fun!!

last nite was just what i needed. a random fun nite in the middle fo the week! so many fun friends out last nite and so much dancing was done to switch and chu. it was really painful to trudge to school today in the snow. my legs are very tired!!

all in all, i had a smile on my face the whole nite!! except when i was grimacing, trying to catch my breath from dancing so much! chu always does it to me....whenever i am trying to leave, he is relentless. playing track after track that i love. finally we just had to bolt and not look back. had to be done or else i woulda been there forever!!

see ya'll on valentines day for czech and sneak!!

Harrumph, I can't make it to Bittersweet at all...stupid stupid Baroque Art History Exam.

However...if I play my cards right, I'll be overfunking the dancefloor for Sneak and Czech.

Hooray for Reading Week, and hopefully I'll see you next week McbEE.

-Ace of Diamonds-


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Originally posted by Dam That SnarkEE Kid:
However...if I play my cards right, I'll be overfunking the dancefloor for Sneak and Czech.

oh stevie i hope so!! valentines day is a VERY sucky holiday and so i plan on dancing my ass off and drinking my face off in celebration!! *crosses fingers that stevie can make it*


Smiley Jo

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It was so funny, Svet and I had to do the same thing you did. We practically ran from the 3rd floor at 3am, because we knew if we didn't leave then, we'd be there til there kicked us out.
One more hour of work, then naptime.
See you Saturday.



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Well, wednesday night was as good as I had expected, great music, great crowd, great price on drinks, etc.

Work the next morning was difficult, and leaving at 2am was even harder, as I agree with Sarah that Colin kept playing songs that I would say "okay after this song I have to go" then the next was mixed in and I would have to stay for that one, finally I too had to run away to get home.

Can't wait to see everyone next week for Czeck!!! Yippee.

Hey Brandon, drinking contest???

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The last time I saw Czech at Limelight..

I believe it was two years ago

it was KICKASS!!

you couldnt move an inch...it was packed but in a good way

back in the days of Pure Wednesdays when my crew and I would drive down from Orillia every Wed

it was always worth the drive to Acton
pounding disco house and funky breaks....


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Dont forget about Sunday Sessions!!!

Every Sunday night Limelight brings you the best in trance featuring Deko-ze, Saint Pete and Jason Marshall.

Come join us every Sunday and experience toronto's finest for yourself!

19+ event
Ladies free b4 midnight
$6.00 cover
$3.00 with pass b4 midnight

250 Adelaide St. West

info: 416.593.6126

I have 2 guestlist spots for this Sunday February 11th 2001, up for grabs to the first 2 people whom repay to this thread or email me with their fullname!

email: lil_baby_m@hotmail.com